أخر الاخبار

A novel beyond my heart chapter three

A novel beyond my heart chapter three

 A novel beyond my heart chapter three

Chapter III

 _Yes, brother?

 = My daughter, we are not both of us!

 _ I mean, I mean, you remain her lover, she reassures you and I don't know anything, look, I did everything wrong in your life, except that I ride the horns of my frankness

 = My daughter in what, is this a job and then feel me that she will harass me, for example?

 _ And you think that when she leaves you, she will not ask her for lack of literature!

 = not pure

 _Ahmed de is a drug dealer

 = And Malo is not a human being?

 As for drugs?

 = eat her livelihood

 _You look like you will love her from now on

 = Originally, you saw her pictures, I lost her in prison

 _Yes, your mother is going!

 = Ha, Mary, we are at work

 _ Done okay, can you say the plan is yes

 laugh = sit down

 _I sat

 = Look, I am pyramiding myself in front of her car

 _You will die and we will be saved

 = Do you say something?

 _no full

 = The important thing is that she is sure in her heart mercy and she will not insult me ​​like this

 _ He doesn't like a dog and that's not a problem

 = Mary Mary

 _complete salvation

 = The important thing is you will take me

 _Oh, I'll take you, where's the rest? I'm waiting to hear it

 = then

 _Oh, and then

 = Today I will try to do well that I am Arabic and the sermon is an effect on me, and then the rest is up to me and I keep telling you what will happen next time.

 _Is she still there again?

 = You will trust me once!

 _You have a right, right, what can I do?

 = When you fall into the trap, I hope you know how to hold a gun and.

 _kill you

 = Yes?

 _Besiege the place and arrest her and she works with her, she does not need intelligence

 = exactly

 _Are you going with your green eyes?

 = Amal means leave her at home

 _ Khalsana will love you, not a dialogue

 = Seriously, Amal loved me well

 _Don't tell us that I'm your colleague while we're at work, who are you even!  Who to the ancients of this one I don't know

 I laughed and went out to my office. I mean, she would mess it up in Arabic, and he would go home with her, and he would record it. She trusted him and felt like Ariel Seca. Oh, God.

 The hour came at 6 and I was just reading the case papers. I mean, all these people did not know how to arrest her, and Ahmed and I would know. Tell me, by God?  This is a time promotion

 _Would you like a base

 = we will go

 Ah, I presented my idea to the bacha and he agreed

 = OK, let's see

 I walked with him and we rode the Arabic and our spirit while he entered the room and locked the door, he will do anything wrong!  I went in and changed my clothes and got out and sat on the sofa, then he came out wearing casual clothes, God is great on you, by God, you will leave her like this!

 _Oh, where are you going?

 = Which of us, Mary, did I tell you?

 _Are you going like this?  No, and perfume and.. and I'm coming with you

 = Which is how left

 _ Stand far away and we agree to meet in a place after getting rid of it

 = Are we in a nursery?

 _ Ahmed did not provoke you, and then I am holding the case with you, and I have the right to know everything that will happen


 _ And I think that if I fail, I will sit at home, which means this is my chance

 = OK, be afraid to get dressed

 I laughed stupidly and quickly got in, got dressed, and got out

 _ Haha, are you able to wear any?

 = In which building!

 _Maryam, are you wearing an aunt and a suitcase?

 = Iowa in disguise

 _This remains the best level for me, this remains

 = Ahmed, you are close to me, you are my forgetfulness to get you!


 = You don't hear me leave that is, at 8 o'clock, we will be late

 _Oh, ok bye

 We went out and he preferred to laugh at my view, which group, I do not have to disguise because no one knows me

 We arrived next to her house, but a distance away, and stood behind a tree

 _Would you prefer standing here, okay?  finished

 = Medicine if I banged hard

 _Ida Vi, are you afraid of me?

 = No, of course, you will be a widow, Ahmed!

 _I did not want you

 = take da

 _I da

 = a listening device

 _Maryam, are you changing?

 = Take it and put me down with your scotch, here we go

 She left her house, we know her dates, from the papers to ours, everyone knows her dates, but I am old.

 _I'm looking now

 = There is no god but God


 Suddenly I called him any group in any Arab mean miss us?  You feel that there is no mercy in my heart, and God is upset.

 But, praise be to God, at the time when I tore it, it was early, so the speed of the car was low, and I preferred to stand behind the tree and it came down from the car

 _You are good

 = Uh oh, my man, if you don't know how to shop by riding cars for me?

 _I'm sorry, God, sorry

 = Is it okay?  My life became much more beautiful, I felt the change

 _Ey da!

 = Originally, you say sorry, sorry, I mean, will you return to my leg?

 _from us you said sorry

 = We go to the department, and each one takes his right

 _ Huh, people with me

 A few seconds, everyone, is that I'm the officer of the Ariel, or I am not going to be upset, and by God, if you did not control him, he would support her, right?  Ah, very happy with you

 His Arab knee and they walked on the side of her house?  vote?  I vote and expose it, meaning I don't do anything. I sat down for a break and laughed.

 I turned on my phone and started listening

 _sit here

 = ok

 _ Just a few seconds, I will need something to tie your leg to

 = walking

 She came while she had a first aid kit and tied his leg to a broken leg after Meiji.

 Did you stay well?

 = Oh, the best, thank God

 _I didn't mean by God

 = I know and you don't care

 _your name is left

 = Ahmed

 _I'm Samah, there's still room left

 = Ha, grace, I'm not walking

 _Do you know how to walk?

 = Oh, I'm done

 _Seconds to reach you

 And pray, my beloved, I wish you to conduct you to the graves, he loves

 The Arabic I walked from my past, and I swear to God, it will be easy for me to explore it

 _just here

 = done

 _Hmm, nice to meet you, can I have your number?

 = digital

 _ I'm sorry, I say I mean we keep friends

 = I say that I don't have any friends

 _Do you think we should remain friends?

 =Of course, Ahmed, bring your funk

 I took his phone and recorded her number, I am from God because I agreed, by God, I am fired, and I do nothing!

 I went home after making sure she walked

 _You sir, where are you?

 = I'm here huh

 _ you tickle me, Ahmed

 = his name is a job


 = My daughter, you are one, don't speak to me, right?


 = Nor your age will love me, right?

 _right ah

 = Will it make a difference with you in any way?  And then I will love her. This is a case, and it is the only way

 _The only way is right

 = Oh, you knew where I was!


 = Your long life is sensitive, you feed, you are beautiful

 _I'm staying, I'm feeling pain

 phone ring

 = I'm talking to Samah, don't you say I'm in pain, and there is no need

 The severity of my wear

 _Sit here and open the speaker and hear your voice

 = You are so violent to me

 open the call

 _Ahmed, you told me that you work?

 He follows.

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