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A novel beyond my heart chapter four


A novel beyond my heart chapter four

A novel beyond my heart chapter four

_Ahmed, you told me what do you work?

 = Ha, engineer

 _Good, did you go?

 = Oh, from me to Mosul

 _I mean, did you come home?

 = Oh Malik allows

 _No, are you going to meet again?

 = Tomorrow, uh, of course, where?

 _at home

 = Uh oh okay, what time is it?


 = done


 = peace


 _Nine oh, you will betray me, oh God, you will betray me

 = My daughter, by God, it will happen

 _ I want you at night, you say what!

 = Oh, you can't be afraid of the dark

 _Ahmed is the hero of provocation

 = present

 _I'm just not comfortable with the idea

 = This is a new sofa, God

 _ Benny is not comfortable with this grace, I mean we meet and work, I don't know, he feels that there is something wrong

 = Oh God, what is wrong with you?

 _You are really silent, sorry

 = Done okay

 Look, Ahmed, when you are going there. You will go with the listening device. Oh Ahmed, if you betray me, I will kill you, and what happens is left

 = My daughter, you are not mine, and I can't believe that I love anyone but you

 _Ida in any

 = No, by God, do you not feel?

 _No, God is pure

 = When you don't feel, look, you want to be patient, don't you laugh so I can confess

 _Confess without any threat, come on

 = From the days of college, it was known about me that I did not do anything other than study, to have no friends, to not go down when he was young, even to the street, I came to you. The first time I saw you when we had a conversation, I was clear that I was a fanatic, but I was happy that someone spoke to me, even if I suffocated  , and we have always been known as suffocation. You know, today, we used to talk about it. I felt an incomplete need. Your bet is that you will come out first, and you will lose, and in the other, you will come with a smile and say (Congratulations, but I will not let you go to the first one at a time), your courage and courage was not in any girl in  College or any girl in general, the audacity to come with her is an eclipse, an eclipse from the dean’s word, he told you among many people that you are diligent, an eclipse and you received a reward.  Because a girl, you came at the last moment and grabbed her hand, slapped her, and then turned around and told me that you are along with misfortunes, even though we were long overdue for each other, the two most famous two in college gathered and got married.  Or, on the contrary, I will prevent you from it. I will always support you, and I will keep your back and support  I.. I mean, I mean, I mean, ooh, I love you

 _ Oh, all this is our Lord...

 = I take you, I take you, you will say, may God protect you, right?

 _No, no, I won't say no

 = Speak seriously, so I will cheat on you. Confess this without threatening

 _ Look, sir, I don't know if you are dying and I know who Ahmed to the whole college incumbent, who is this dumb?  Duh and I exist!  A fault with me, by God, until I saw you and it was really suffocating me because you banged me because I was in a hurry to work. Indeed, our suffocation was sweet, sweet and rigid. When I found the girl wanting to stretch out her hand on you, I felt no more than I was holding her hand, to which one would you do?  Da Ahmed, my daughter, I mean, no one is suffocating with him but me. I knew that you would not raise your hand on your daughter, so I had to enter, and I watched you and told you that you are a man of misfortunes, and I saw your smile, and I felt that you are really the only one who is able to remain the friend and the enemy, although we did not talk except in the suffocation and competition, you know  You made me study a lot, to be challenged every time you win, but I was still happy and I saw the look of respect for me in your eyes, and the day I asked for my hand, I was surprised, I was surprised, Ahmed no group.  In the same section, the first day we had a warning, so that we had a similar conversation, on that day we left the warden and laughed, until we grew up and got help, not in college, we are here, and I was still thinking of you, but I still did not slap me like a long time, but you know I was creating any disagreement between us to end with  A laugh and the same look of respect in your eyes, a look that was for me, but not for any girl in college, that's why I managed to marry you, because in short, I can't live without our suffocation

 = It's romantic, oh, but it's a bit strange, the type of disagreement is not love, no

 _ It's not good that I confessed at all

 = Very well, I would be very upset if I forbid you to speak this

 _ buy Samah don't say that we are family

 = da ve y

 _I'm going to sleep, oh, and thank you for your words, and I promise that I will trust you

 = Yes, no, no, I say this every day so that I can find this tenderness left

 _ Do not scratch it. This is once a year

 = a memory of a good night's sleep

 _Huh, good night

 = And you are from his family

 I entered and smiled. Is it possible that Mary falls and who is there in one with green eyes? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I am mad.

 I slept and woke up in the morning, I opened the door and found him sleeping on the corner, I mean, you are sleeping like this for me, you feel that I am unfair to everyone, no, by God, he is seriously sleeping here, I thought you were sleeping in the second room, I'm sorry

 I approached him and before his clinic I looked on his face, Ida's eyelashes are beautiful, I am Zain Mukhtar and my Lord, Ida Ida Mariam is above me, sorry, this is not the time for this one of Samah


 = I

 _ Wake up, it's 11 and a half

 = Someone is healthy, someone like this, I mean

 _One who sleeps like this in the cold on a corner!

 Sit down and put his hand in his eyes to surpass

 = Hey, you are leaving me to sleep here

 _I was thinking of you sleeping in this room

 = It's normal, we sleep, no matter what

 _You don't sleep in the big room anymore

 = Seriously, God!

 _ Ah yes, I mean, enter the fire because someone like you!

 = God honors your origin, God

 _ I'm hungry, Ahmed, very much, not very seriously

 = Me too ah

 _Ask us to eat

 = Mary, I am my money, rest on the delivery, my shop, you can do anything we eat

 _I know that I don't know how to cook

 = Try while I'm with you, it's not a problem

 _ Medicine come with me to the kitchen come

 I opened the fridge and found everything in it that came together, a new bride left and that's it, she'll be in front of him and I'm old, all of this is it and I don't know what to do

 _we'll make eggs

 = I just pass everything in it, God willing, everything will be avoided and you will make eggs

 _with roumi cheese

 = You are very nostalgic, by the way

 _Shoft left


 I worked the eggs together, and it was a tough task and it was successful, thank God. Chef Mariam is with you for inquiries for half an hour and he will make a YouTube channel

 _ha what do you think

 = Mary is the ninth time you ask

 I grabbed the knife and read it from his neck

 _Oh, where is the answer!

 = Yes, this is eggs, I am the first time I taste eggs, thank you. Your hand is real

 _May God give me to you

 We ate and went out, I turned on the TV and made popcorn, I had a light belly and we took it, I was very close to him and he was staring at the TV, and every little bit I plug him in and go back and look at the TV.

 The time took us after we saw the text of the Egyptian films, the sweet time passes in a moment, really, by God, for the first time without suffocation, close, laughing, and quoting films that he says, and this is not laughing.

 Fon rang and he replied

 _ Hello, yes allow

 I moved away from him and called the Fon and told him to open the speaker

 = Yes, Ahmed, are you looking for me?

 _He tells, sorry, Jay Aho

 = I am waiting for you

 Lock and smile softly

 _Oh, and then

 = Hrouh

 _I don't see you in your room

 = I will take the listening device with me, I swear to God, I am not looking for this

 _the soul loves yalla

 Yes, everyone, as long as he has the device, he keeps going. Is he listening? I am cheating. How is it not better to stay like the Atrash at the wedding, God!

 He came in and came out wearing a rigid set, and he was freezing.

 _I'm not walking anymore

 = You are not going to be late, okay?


 He rode the Arabic, and the length of a car in the Arabic language was talking to me, my beloved, and my beloved da

 The villa arrived and entered

 _How are you

 = Praise be to God, how are you, Ahmed?

 _Thank God

 = I would like to sit down, until I get something to drink

 She brought whiskey, no, no, my darling, it is not forbidden. He only drank coffee together to study, you talk about what!!

 _ not drinking

 = Today you must drink

 _Listen to us!

 = Original, I mean, frankly, you really like me

 Who are horns now?  Say, Mary, ah, do you not get tired?

 _Are you close to me?

 = look, ask me

 _ Um, you look drunk right?

 =Maybe, but for sure I am drunk from your eyes, not from whiskey, no

 I'm not saying this, but it is implied by God, I am guided like this, and perhaps I was bouncing in the place to the point that a little bit too, and I would be a monkey that wouldn't understand this

 _You are far from your place to bring the officer!

 What she knew!!

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