أخر الاخبار

A novel beyond my heart chapter one

A novel beyond my heart chapter one

 A novel beyond my heart chapter one

(God bless you and bless on you and join you in good )

 I heard the sentence from here, my heart stopped, I mean the day I married one officer, and it was too late for my class, yes guys, I was in a police college, what did they have!!

 I found the door to open, no one raised you to come on, nor did we work this door for me, not because you messed up, Ebhaiim, Ebhaiim!


 = No, sorry!

 _I will marry you

 = Ah I think ah

 You are supposed to come with me now

 = where honey

 Our house, Yarim!

 = Ah, ok, but there are rules that you must listen to

 _ Then, okay, because I'm going down in Arabic

 = You are free, I said and salvation

 I did not die on a lot of my clothes, i.e. clothes for Mama who brought her this on the basis that I wore all these clothes!!  She called Mama and Papa, feeling that they believed that they would get rid of me, Sika, and then in my mother to her destination, Zagaret, this is someone who understands that she is supposed to cry together, please, please stop the situation

 I got down, put the bag in the car, and rode in front of me


 = Ha in any!

 _ Are you coming to marry someone who doesn't marry her, or you don't marry me, okay?

 = share

 _ The most provoked person in the world is sitting in a bunny to raise, you are building, you do not cut me and I do not allow you to do this!!

 = To prove to you that the six are in their place in the first and the last, the house of her husband

 _ Huh, you made me laugh and I don't want to laugh, you think that you would make me stay at home, I mean!

 = Oh, because I am your husband and my opinion is to him

 _ Saying that you are angry with me because I was the best one in college and I was a long time coming out of the first batch

 _Who is going first?

 I raised my lips and spoke softly = you

 Who was doing all the work in record time?

 = you


 = Shhh shut up, my turn is left, who was the best one in college


 = Who all testified to my skill in self-defense!!


 = who.

 _sh shut up

 = We finished Hazar and laughed and joked?  When Will I go to work?

 _You are not going down, you are going to stay at home

 = da talk do then

 _No, you also have

 = I mean, there is no job?


 = And there is no passport

 I came down from the dungeons of this sweatshirt, your heart is dead, your muscles are strong, your heart is rigid, and God bless you, come on.

 _ Are you doing anything to share?

 = And you said, What honey is it? Why is it not permissible for us to play, are we going to play?

 _ I want to work, you know that I made a name in the department that I work in, and you are supposed to work in it too, and you know how much I am good

 = I agreed with Babaki and he agreed because no one agrees with what you are doing this

 _ Oh, and the six are supposed to be created for me?

 = She is supposed to be gentle, and she is also supposed to marry and be left behind

 _No, you are going to marry another one whose characteristics are in your brain

 wink = but you are amazed me

 _Bath, we would prefer to sit like this at night and night and I want to sleep

 = Huh, he's going to huh

 The leg of the Arab, and I swear, Houria, I mean, Houria, he thinks he touches me, but I have the black belt in Karate, I mean, we can pray for you the prayer of the dead right now, and I say, I didn't mean dialogue, we kill and then we think of a very rigid justification

 come on

 = inside

 I entered and he turned on the light, the apartment was very rigid and very sweet and grabbed the heart and the eye. Real. I mean, we say to Lina and us, please.

 _Norty your house to his bride

 = I want you to be savage

 _I mean any

 = I mean, if you want a pension, do you want to put it on my shoulder again, then?  please

 My friend, right?

 = No one told you to marry an officer, honey

 _ I know the thing I like the most about you, your courage and your boldness like that

 = I knew

 _Obviously, he was still drunk

 = Mary, my name is Mary, he shares

 _ Medicine, look, what happened at the university, the strangulation every little bit, and that we are not so long for each other that when we gather in one place, it all takes cover

 = Uh uh, the exams and that we prefer to hide the paper-like children and that in practice we choose to catch the same case and see who will solve it and choose the same accused and see who will make him confess, you used to beat them savagely

 _Is it not better if I can give them a lollipop like people!!

 = His name is to lure you

 _ Not because you were afraid of them, I mean

 = Moss lures, and then you thought of my days...

 _beautiful you are right

 = The days of God are not counted by God, He will burn you

 _ Ah, listen, I have a long tongue, I do not want, that you work in it like a man, I do not want, that you work for one of the police, you also do not want, I want respect and hear the words of a piece of paper

 = I don't want salsa with the order?

 _ Will you wait for it, you say yes?

 Close to me and I'm back, Laura

 _ You will regret it, Ahmed, you are not old

 = Oh, we know

 For the last time, I say come back

 = And if you don't want to share it

 _It's going to happen

 Hoba grabbed his shoulder and left him on the ground

 _Ida in any Ida

 = You're leaving for me!  I did not tell you that you are not old

 _It's so sweet the situation is so sweet

 I got up from the ground and stood and he stood and laughed

 Suddenly he made a call to me and him at the same time, we answered the call, everyone in their corners

 He and I = Ahhh!

 He follows

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