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A novel beyond my heart chapter two


A novel beyond my heart chapter two

A novel beyond my heart chapter two

The second part

 He and I = Ahhh!

 We both looked at each other after we could turn our backs to each other and talk on the phone, we both ended the call

 _ Hmm, who was talking to you, Ahmed?

 = Medicine and you, who was talking to you and you got married?

 _He will answer the question with a question, is it, ok, I will say, the department belongs to you or us, I mean in general, and we both have the same mission.

 = a drug dealer, isn't that?

 _Oh, really keep your call, it's mine, can we fix any bugs?

 = We will not do anything, I will go tomorrow, let them know that you are my wife and that you will not work

 Kill him?  Kill him, he raises, but I mean, while I do something, I will deceive you, O to whom I have supplied, to the extent of Maryam, O this is the Nile, and O this is the station, our soul is on a camel and our soul is on a duck.

 Suddenly, and no one dared to do this to me, I held his hand

 _ Ida in any!

 = Ahmed, can you sit down and listen to me?

 _Ida Vie, you have a soft and low voice!

 = Can you sit down?

 may ah

 He sat and he surprised me, and God is building, I am also surprised

 _ Ahmed, you know that I love my job very, very mean

 = ah

 _ I am good at this, and if I was not good, I would not have caught a case with the best one in the department.

 = Mary, you are hot!  You thank me

 _Can we talk seriously

 = Possible oh

 Did you marry me?

 = You know, Maryam, that you are the only one to marry you in the batch, and you have given yourself to serve the country, Payne, so I came to prove to you that this is not disliked and that no matter how hard you try, you will not remain like a man, and that no matter how hard you try, you will not work as an outfit

 Are you marrying me to hate you?

 = You hate me!

 _Oh, I can't imagine that I would hate someone one day and you know this well, and it is not my fault that you see me well in my field and you want to eliminate me, you want to do this for me?  Well, I think of the sweet things for Pina, my brother

 = Mary, you are not talking to me!  There is no sweet moment, believe me

 _ He is getting old because I will kill you twice.  Allah is my suffice, and the best deputy

 = Medicine tells you something

 hear you

 = If you succeed, you will solve the case with me. I will leave you to work. If you fail, you will stay at home.

 _I regret it!

 = Aren't you good in your field?  Oh man, we will see, but if you fail, you will make me sit here, we agree

 I prayed for him, and I met him, and he prays with confidence that I will not succeed. No, of course, I must agree and prove to you, Ahmed, that I drive it.

 I caught his hand, delivered _ we agreed

 I smiled and looked at my hands and dressed her, uh, we entered into a lack of manners, I pulled my hands and pulled him from his clothes

 _You are sitting here with your friend, Amin?

 = Ida in any

 _You do not believe in me or my abilities, I will prove to you that I can do anything, and until this happens, consider the apartment a student residence and I am your colleague

 = You say which girl?

 _ As I heard, I am going to sleep, and I will wake you up with me so that we can go to the department

 = As for our people, are they supposed to come?

 _Oh right, you're right, let's go after they walk, good night

 = Mary


 = I hope you succeed

 I smiled_thank you, Ahmed

 I entered the room and changed and slept and hoped that I would succeed to prove to him that I did like him and because I lost my job to me from my childhood and I was in it, and no one was happier than me when I entered a police college, although Mama and Papa were satisfied, there was no dialogue.  !

 I woke up with a lot of knocks on the door, Ida Vie, Oriel, and something. How can I say I'm healthy, I forgot that my name is coma, I'm sorry

 Open the door quickly

 _Oh, I mean, you've been messing around since then, because you'd rather give up?

 = Can you put Mary from the air? May God bless you

 _Amal, who am I, honey?

 = Are you Mary?

 Hazar hero

 = Seriously, by God, you are Mary

 _ Sincerely, we will not spend it, I mean

 = No, I am sure that you are Mary, but you know that you look very sweet when you are awake from sleep

 _ May God protect you, Ida is someone who messes up

 = Ha, uh, my daughter's daughter outside

 _ open medicine

 = OK, okay


 I closed the door and changed, and I heard the voice of Mama and his mother, and God bless you. You have grown up in the matter!!

 Seconds are supposed to wear this!  What kind of girl is this?  I'm going to wear Bermuda, do anything, I mean if we don't wear it, they won't believe it

 I got dressed, brushed my hair, and left

 _How are you, Yamama, how are you humming?

 = Thank God, my love

 I was standing and he was calling me, joking, and by God, he was joking, and they would say that I am talking about you here, I mean, and this is the truth, really, but the cover-up, I keep exposing you

 _ Seconds, I will bring you juice

 I went in and had juice and served it, and I sat next to it, and my mother and mother preferred to talk to us and joke

 _ We will walk, we will remain

 = You are sitting for a while

 _ Sorry, my love, one more time

 They walked and turned around, and I found him

 _ What sweetness is this, what food is this?


 _No, I am not rich, by God

 = Well, yes, we are late for work

 _ I hid Morditch alone, I went out this morning

 = We will not tell anyone about our husbands until the issue is resolved because work is a need and our life is a need

 _Right you are right

 = Get dressed, wear you too

 I got dressed while he was wearing and broke our fast and came down and arrived in Arabic. You guys are jeering and saying that we say to them it is impossible to marry them. They are going to marry them.

 We arrived at the department and took the case and went with him to his office and we opened the case papers. Allow a drug dealer, but she is very heavy. No one knew to reveal her until now, and that all people know that she is a drug dealer, but it is impossible to go and say, I have left because she is controlling everything and knowing when the police are coming, so Sheikha Samah the Moroccan turns around

 I mean, I came on cauliflower and stuck it to a difficult issue like this?  Akmani means good and you won't talk

 _ We read the case papers, is there any other?

 =Oh, I am waiting for the answer from you


 = Look, didn't you notice something strange?

 _ I look nicer, for example, when I slept you

 = Time left?

 _ Forgive me, I can't hold myself, take a bath as long as I regret it

 = We can be afraid of the idea of ​​a man you love and trust in him, for he is the one who signs it

 _You are smart, all my life I say to you is better than the one who gave birth to Egypt, for real, who is left for this man?

 = me

 Yes, my brother!!

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