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Beauty And Her Beast4

Beauty And Her Beast4
I was surprised to see him actually reach a hand through the bars towards me.
"Come here and let me show you."
That pull in my chest came hard this time, actually causing me to stumble a few steps forward.
I just stared at his outstretched hand, one half of my mind urging, begging for me to take it, while the other half was beyond skeptical.
"Last time I touched you, you shocked me," I stated, a tinge of nervousness showing in my voice.
I had no idea how to feel about this, and the hope that it all was just a dream was diminishing by the seconds.
"I was unconscious so it doesn't count," he replied.
I met his eye again, the look of reassurance oddly calming me.
In a strange, involuntary, I-still-have-no-idea-whats-going-on kind of way.
I looked back at his hand, swallowing hard as I raised my own.
This was going to be a mistake, I could feel it.
I grabbed his hand anyway.
That same shock coursed through my body instantly, except this time it was stronger.
So much stronger.
I felt my feet move to gain a better sense of balance as the electricity flowed throughout my body, seemingly shooting through every single nerve I had in my body before it exploded.
Into an odd warmth that I had never felt before.
It too made its way across my body, slower than the shock and definitely much more enjoyable.
It was like it was crawling over my skin starting from the center of my chest.
I let out a blissful sigh among my sudden heavy breaths, my heart now beating just as fast as before, but not as hard.
It was hard to explain, but a part of me felt relieved.
Relieved about something that I've never even worried about.
Like I had dropped a weight from my shoulders I didn't even realize I had been holding.
The feeling slowly faded, luckily leaving me with just a tad of that warmth.
Then I came back to my scenes and realized I was still grabbing Luka's hand.
I was about to pull away but realized the labored breaths he now had.
"Did you feel that too?" I asked.
His grip on me tightened a small bit.
"Of course. Being mated is a two-way-road."
My brows furrowed in thought.
"Does that mean you felt those tingles too? The weird pull?" I just needed him to say yes so I didn't feel crazy anymore.
His thumb began softly stroking my hand.
"Yes. It started when we first met eyes, didn't it?"
I nodded, a sudden hope of all my questions being answered resurfacing.
"That's the mate bond. The thing that pulls us to each other, and the thing that causes this." he gestured to our hands.
Now suddenly reminded of it, I pulled my hand back.
The warmth faded the very second I was no longer touching him.
I almost immediately started longing for it back, looking towards Luka for some sort of answer before I spotted the barely noticeable nervousness on his face.
He slowly retracted his own hand, clearing his throat.
"You're overwhelmed," He spoke in a calming, almost apologetic tone.
She didn't come back for the rest of the night.
Which was understandable, but had my inner wolf pacing back and forth for hours in my head.
We'd been looking for her for what seemed like forever, and then once I had her in my grasp, she pulled back.
Although I guess our circumstances of meeting were out of the ordinary.
Not to mention the fact that she wasn't even aware of what she was, or what we were.
Which is exceptionally strange since her wolf was what called out to me and led me here.
Either way, I wasn't going to let that get in the way.
I was just happy she was here, that she existed at all.
The fact that she seemed absolutely clueless about our species was a drawback, of course, but it was one I could work with.
I could walk her through this.
Her blatant confusion and hesitance about me overall hurt, seeing her draw back after the years it took me to finally find her, so I'd be sure not to let that happen again.
She felt the mate bond, so I can start from there.
"Al...Alph...Alpha!" The sound of my beta rang through my head with our pack link.
He didn't sound pleased.
"Thank goddess," He blew out, "This link only has a twenty-mile reach, you know, and I've been searching for you for hours! Where the hell are you!? Why did you just up and leave?!"
I squeezed my eyes shut for a moment at the volume in my head.
"Relax, Milo. If you're out looking for me then who's looking over the pack."
He was silent for a moment.
"I left Eren in charge," He answered finally.
His mate.
Which was fine. We were living in peace right now, so my short absence wouldn't be detrimental.
Usually, my absences didn't last more than a couple hours why I usually searched for my mate, but this was a different story.
"Good enough," I began, "Go back to the pack. I'm fine and I'll be back soon, something just came up."
"Tell me where you are first," He insisted.
My eyes lazily wandered, sending back the first words that came to mind.
"A cage."
"A fucking WHAT?!"
I snickered a bit.
"It's fine, trust me."
"How the hell did you of all people end up in a CAGE, LUKA?! Are you trapped?"
I glanced down at the venison rib I twirled between my fingers.
"Not exactly," In fact, anything with opposable thumbs could open the door to it. It's not like it was locked.
That whole fact seemed to completely slip Lydia's mind.
But she left a perfectly good hunk of meat sitting there, so obviously I was going to go retrieve it.Whatever that means.
"I-I Uhm," I stuttered out.
I didn't know what to say. What was I even supposed to say?
And why did I miss that warmth so damn much?
So many questions were flying through my head, I couldn't even focus on just one.
I needed to get away from this. Just for a little bit.
I can come back to this later, after I've cleared my head and actually processed half of this new information.
He seemed to have the answers, but I didn't know if I was even ready to hear them.
I took a step back, one hand holding the other at my chest.
His eyes held a look of understanding, taking a small step back of his own as if he was trying to give me space.
Although It also looked like the act of doing to physically hurt him.
Which caused somewhere deep inside of me to ache as well.
Just one more thing to add to the list of questions.
"Ah shit, sorry," He began, "This is a lot for you, and I probably could have handled it better."
I looked over his face again for a moment, that ache growing just a tiny bit
"I just need to um" I dropped the venison back onto the ground, "I'll be back."
That was the last thing I said before I raced out of that room and up the stairs.
My body was tired in way too many ways that seemed possible.
I hoped that maybe if I got some sleep that some of this would make sense.
Or that I'd wake up and find out that all of this was indeed just some crazy dream
I'm sort of here voluntarily."
"You WHAT?"
Milo was a great beta and all, but if there was one thing he was good at, it was overreacting.
Maybe its because I mess with him too much.
"What the hell do you expect me to tell the pack? That their alpha decided to sit tight in a cage for a little bit while-"
"I found my mate."
That shut him up real fast.
Again, there was a long silence.
"I swear, Luka if you're messing with me right now-"
"Why would I mess with you about this?" I countered.
Both of us knew it had been one of my top priorities to find her ever since I became alpha. It wasn't really something that we joked about.
"Oh my Goddess... Luka that's great! Where was she? What pack is she from?"
"That's the thing," I tossed the bone to join the others in the opposite corner, "I found her amongst humans. She didn't even know she was one of us until I told her myself."
"And you're sure she's not human?"
"I'm positive," Luna rarely mated us with humans to begin with, but I knew that wasn't the case with Lydia, "When I was out checking the perimeter last night, I got this feeling to start heading east. I ended up going further than I've ever ventured before, and right before I was going to turn and start heading back, I heard her wolf call to me."
"Call to you?"
"It was like a whimper that echoed through my head. I didn't know what it was at first, but my wolf certainly did and ended up booking it further east until we found this village."
I ran a hand through my hair, still trying to piece all of this together.
The one thing I will admit about Milo, was that he's more knowledgeable than me when It came to the psychological and biological workings of our kind.
Especially when it came to the relationships between our two halves.
"She doesn't have the eyes of a werewolf, nor does it looks like she's been aging like one. Have you ever heard of anything like this?" I asked.
The only thing she did have, was the build, although even that wasn't the same as the rest of our females.
She was tall and slender, but one look at her and you could tell she could hold her own.
Even just standing idle I could see the lean muscle she kept in her arms alone.
Unfortunately, the rest of her sun-kissed skin was covered, but I could only imagine it was like that across her whole body.
Not to mention the mocha hair that fell down to her breasts and the eyes that reflected the exact color of the deep blue night sky
She was absolutely stunning.
She was definitely worth the wait, regardless of her circumstances.
"Has she lived in this village her whole life?" He asked.
"I don't know. I didn't really get far enough with her to ask but overhearing her conversations, I can only assume."

"It's possible that she's never encountered her wolf half because she's never come in contact with another one. Like the same reason werewolves born from rogues never discover their human side. Both wolves and humans need socialism from each side in order to thrive, so if she's never encountered another werewolf, that side of her could just

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be lying dormant."