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The Depths of the Atlantic chapter 40, 42

The Depths of the Atlantic by Asmaa Nada

 chapter 40

Ragrid stood in front of the corridor of the sharks and decided to enter it. As for Evan directing him to the other lane, the rest stood waiting for what would happen, especially after they discovered that their abilities were suspended.

Ragrid used a type of oil on his body to become the same smell as a seahorse, and he carried his weapon and before entering the corridor he threw a large fish inside, ِAnwar had brought it quickly so that the shark would swim behind it, but the surprise was that the fish was dissolving as soon as it crossed, so Ivan shouted

Evan / Never enter the corridor there is a transparent partition of the strongest chemicals

Ragrid carried the sword and tried to pass it first, but the advanced part of the sword melted

Anwar / I know what this subject is, as I studied it with humans when I went out to study there. Come on, it turned into the same look as you fight the judge. Your body issues an antidote at the time.

Indeed, Ragrid looked transformed and appeared in the form of a mixture of the original aspen and poplar, and its bone incisors began to appear like knives in the palms of his hands and along his arms, and his eyes turned dark black like a piece of glass. As for his tusks, they became sharp like the tusks of a shark and his tail became like a fan of sharp knives approached From the door of the corridor and extended the fingers of his hand, but it passed peacefully, he smiled and then advanced his body inside, but discovered that all his weapons had melted and nothing left for him except his physical powers, he turned to look at them and did not find anyone, but did not find the entrance itself, he returned trying to advance, but calmly so as not to feel the sharks Which began to move faster than the first and after advancing to a quarter of the way, he began to feel the water's heat increasing and rising from the bottom to the top air bubbles that did not know their source, but noticed that the sharks began to retreat and enter places that resemble cracks in the side walls. The coldness of the water was usually due to its nature, but outside the crevice, the water bubbles were increasing and their frequency was rising up. Ragrid looked down to know the source of the bubbles until he was shocked by what he saw, as the bottom floor changed into a liquid volcanic lava, and this is what made the water begin to boil, and after minutes the lava disappeared and the bottom returned as it was and the sharks began to come out and move as they were, so the recycled also moved quickly to pass from the middle of the corridor safely without Hurt while looking at the bottom every period, but suddenly it seemed to appear at the bottom a brown shade resembling snakes, but its tails counted like a scorpion's tail raised his head to see that the reflection of the shadow below it is nothing but huge snakes with scorpion tails attacking and stinging sharks, but some sharks succeed in biting the head of the snake The rest of the snake’s body fell to the bottom, and some sharks were stung by the snake’s tail until it paralyzed its movement and then fell to the bottom. Ragrid tried to escape and avoided the falling of sharks ’bodies on it, while some snakes began to attack it, cutting off what was cut using its tail or claws. After some time it disappeared. The snakes and the sharks disappeared. Ragrid began to turn around, right and left, then looked in front of him and saw a fantasy of a door he tried to reach, but his body began to slow gradually until he became unable to move and the distance between it and the door did not change no matter what he tried to swim and advance He closed his eyes, but he lost his eyes, and saw his father talking to him as he used to do when he was young.

Farawan / Brown Remember your archenemy inhabits your mind and prepares

You always have a failure that you cannot overcome with will and determination

Then he heard his mother's voice at the time of the fifth place

Dren / Sagheer that life in the sea is a deception that gives you the simple, calm, beautiful appearance of nature that makes you feel relaxed, and suddenly the hidden face of the nature monster appears, a strong tornado that leads to me, remember that you are stronger than if you give in and smarter than deceit, you have the ability to control the trick maker. Let's wake up

And it is only moments that passed by him, such as years, he forced his eyes to open and began to think

Ragrid / The sharks did not attack me, and the thieves were just touching. It was cutting this not true. So who can play with Siren’s mind is not weaker than this if Aphrodite, but the ability to control a fairy mind like me is difficult for a human witch. It is a power of Ramon. Yes, Aphrodite has absorbed these powers, but what You do not know that I have the same powers, but rather stronger than them. I have trained on them and used them in many, many wars in the past, if only what I needed to focus on.

He looked around and then remembered that Aphrodite, in order to control his mind, being human in origin, must be close and not be able to control both of them. Try to communicate with Ivan to start Aphrodite's thinking so that he can control her mind or at least decipher her control over it.

On the other side, where Ivan transformed into his warlike form, but he was more powerful in stages than any existing prince. It is a double-headed mouse hanging from the top similar to the old clock pendulums and moves left and right and spaced half a meter between each ax and at the same time it rises from the bottom in the space between each of the two axes a large sharp sword stood for a short period Evan calculates the speed of each ax by movement and timing The exit of the swords. Notice that the speed of the first ax is slower than the second. This means that the deeper the ax increases, the speed of the ax increases. As for the swords, they come out in a successive movement and with a minute difference from their lowering and ascending and exiting successively. With skill and speed between them, but with the last ax, the earth began to rise and it splits and lava came out of it, but there are earth cubes in a succession that appear and disappear, so that Ivan realizes that there is some trick, the appearance of some cubes is in a vibrating image and the other is a clear picture. Think quickly and then decide the He jumped over the inconspicuous ground, and indeed it was the steady ground, because the cube clearly collapsed as soon as it passed over it, but by placing its foot on the cube, the lava began to rise quickly and suddenly flames appeared, rushing from the craters in the side walls of the corridor. He managed to avoid most of them, but suffered some burns from each other. And with the last cube

He accidentally stepped on the collapsed cube and fell into the lava, but soon the earth swallowed up the lava and solidified back as it was, but Ivan's body seemed to collapse and return to its normal marine form until he listened to the telepathy of his rock.

Ragrid / Evan I am very close to the door at the end of the corridor, but Aphrodite controls my body through the ability of Yraman, which she has absorbed, you must deify it.$

Chapter 41

Evan, with difficulty in movement, began trying to use this ability, which depends on rapid movement and raising the temperature of the body, but there is no other solution in front of him until he saves Ragrid, and he actually began to stand again and take a deep breath until the pain is suppressed and he began to move quickly and try to raise the body temperature, but of course the mother burns With his body, the higher the temperature, the higher it also rose, but all that was occupying his mind was saving Ragrid before Aphrodite started to stop the heart muscle, and indeed he succeeded in multiple images to ten pictures and moved quickly in several directions in the corridor back and forth, and some pictures were trying to find holes in the walls and this really attracted attention Aphrodite, who was focusing on Arcade, left Evan, but with the multiplicity of pictures, she no longer knows which is the illusion and which is the real Evan?

And when her thinking was distracted, he lost control of the body of Ragrad, who, as soon as he controlled his body, went quickly to the door at the end of the corridor and managed to get out to find himself standing on the surface of the ocean in front of a huge circular door, and the darkness of the night pervaded the place except for the light coming from the gate. Aphrodite is standing on one of them with the appearance of a dragon looking with her eye inside the corridor and not feeling it. Ragrid succeeded in transforming more to become stronger than his last transformation, and during his transformation Aphrodite was shouting madly.

Aphrodite / shit, who are you? I don't have time to search, I will fill the corridor with lava and kill you

But Arcred was faster than her and attacked from behind, climbing the back of the dragon, then inserting claws on both sides of the neck.

Aphrodite retreats back, trying to get rid of the back-clinging Ragrid, and during her attempt, Evan managed to get out of the corridor, but his body collapsed and fell to the ground, but before he fell, he was able to press a red button attached to the wall separating the two passages to return to their original shape without anything harmful so that everyone can attend.

And he was sent to Anwar by telepathy, to pass by them, then he fell to the ground, unconscious. As for Aphrodite, she succeeded in getting rid of Ragrid after she returned to the shape of the octopus, and with the fall of the arcade, the lights appeared, who attacked from the front on Aphrodite, separating her head from her body with the sword. From the brain before the blood dried up, then she approached Evan and embraced his body, whose breathing became almost non-existent and began to transfer the healing powers to his body.

Evan was swimming with his mind in the memories that he had collected with Myassin until he reached his last mention of her, and the doctor says that the possibility of treating it is only with the herbs that exist only in the world of poplar and that it will not be able to complete its transformation and maturation of its body except by tearing that enchanted book that for years has been believed to be sacred and it must protect it. Evan began to fight his body so that he could recover quickly, so there was not enough time for Myaseen

Evan was swimming with his mind in the memories that he had collected with Myassin until he reached his last mention of her, and the doctor says that the possibility of treating it is only with the herbs that exist only in the world of poplar, and that she will not be able to complete its transformation and maturation of her body except by tearing that enchanted book that has been for years believed to be sacred and he should protect it. Evan started a war with his body so that it could recover quickly, so Maysin had no time.

In a second place at the time of the passage of Ivan and Ragrid, Serene used all the soldiers of the Poplar River and the kingdoms belonging to Aphrodite on the Island of the Wise, and all that existed from Hor or Anas were defending the island together in a coordinated solidarity like a tall mountain and while everyone was busy, Serene would hide behind her soldiers monitoring their movements until I made sure that Everyone outside the ruler's house, so she moved into the wise’s room, which Asin had previously taken her to, then she went out using a concealed means to resemble the islanders, and she merged with them to fight the Nile poplar as she gradually retreated to the back until she approached the ruler's house while she was following Miram's mother, who usually assured of the health Myassin, and indeed she was able, was able to enter the house and hid in the midst of the doctors after she killed one of them and changed her shape to become an exact replica of him. Then I got ready to intervene in Myassin's whereabouts.

In front of the Poplar World Gate, Ragrid stood looking at Ivan, whose body was still recovering from injuries and burns, then decided that he would wait for Evan and he would try to pass through the gate and shouted:

Ragrid/ You will not wait any longer. We do not know where you will see and the time is running out. I will cross this gate and bring the Queen Mother to speed up the treatment of his body. I am afraid that his heart will stop before the body heals

Asin / What are you waiting for? Let's go and don't worry, I'm trying all I can to help him

Ragrid directed towards the gate, which is in the form of a circular spiral above the surface of the water, reaching between the sky and the water, and lights come out from it that snatch as lightning with the sound of thunder. When the arcade approaches, its intensity increases as the lion roars until he warns those approaching him, but Ragrid did not care and increased his closeness until he became not far from The gate was nothing but steps, the gate sent a lightning fast to the body of Ragrid, which pushed him back like a leaf falling from the trunk of the tree and his body collapsed to the ground next to the body of Ivan who suddenly opened his eye, then looked at the gate and began to get up, and Ragrid had lost consciousness of the power of the lightning strike

Asen / Where's Evan? Your body has not recovered yet. It was collapsed from the inside out. You still need time to heal

Evan did not answer and did not stop, but hurried forward to the gate that returned the same thing from lightning. He thundered whenever Ivan approached, but when the gate sent a lightning strike to Ivan, he deftly avoided the blow, and then began to transform his body again while he was in a state of utter anger and faster approaching more