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The Depths of the Atlantic chapter 36,37

The Depths of the Atlantic by Asmaa Nada

Chapter 36

Rakhwan could hear Siren but could not move to her because his abilities were not working. He approached his head and whispered to him.

Rakhwan / Sir, Siren in the palace in the Red Sea and you invite me to go to her, and she says that it is the opportunity to kill Myaseen and at that time Evan will return to Myassin’s place and their war will stand in their hands

Head / if he moved to it with some soldiers and knocked the rest with us

Rakhwan / We cannot use our powers here

Ras / If you take a little and withdraw without anyone noticing, your absence will cover you

Ras appeared in an offensive dialogue on Anwar and his princes, in order to distract them from the retreat of Rakhwan and his disappearance. As for Mayaseen Island, after being confirmed by Tilda, Miram and Houria that Sirin had disappeared and those who were with her retreated and then their departure, Miram from the guard soldiers tightened around Mayassin's room and then placed inside the magic that makes Whoever does not have a necklace cannot use his abilities, and a necklace was placed on Miasin's neck, and then she took a pallid and moved to the place of Ivan, leaving a nymph, some princesses and the inhabitants of the Seven Seas Kingdom to protect Maysin

Miram and Tilda appeared in the corridor leading to the gate of the world of poplar, and there was a big battle that was still going on, in which both Asin and Hanaim participated in exchange for Sirin, the mother and the judge, who had attended from a period of time. Now alone on the holy island, Ragrid replied that Ivan should take a pagan and hymns and go to her and leave Asin and Miram here to slow down the mother’s vision and turn them on until they return. Indeed, Evan retreated a little back, leaving Asen and Miram moving forward and clashing with Siren the mother, while Ragrid attacked the judge and after his guards Then Ivan, Metlada, and Hymns moved to Ras Palace, where the human witch is located

Hymns / my mother?

Aphrodite / Hymns When did you come back, weren't you traveling with this one that you loved and ran away with!

Hymns / Never happened to love anyone and didn't leave

Tilda / mom did you not miss me?

Aphrodite / How did he miss those who preferred her father’s enemy over her family?

Evan / It didn't happen either, witch - your charm turned on you

Aphrodite / How dare you get here and how basically did you manage to get through protection?

Evan / Any protection, there was nothing preventing me from passing, but this is not time for explanation. You must know some facts that I have hidden from you.

Aphrodite with a sarcastic laugh / no facts

Tilda / We are asleep as Ras knows that we are not a father.

Aphrodite / Are you mad now and accuse your mother of her honor

Hymns / Do you know what Rasa did for us? Did she help in the imprisonment of a debauchery and forced me to marry her husband, even if he revived her body over the past years?

Aphrodite, when she was so shocked, she sat in her place, whispering

Aphrodite / What was the prison sentence and the hymns that live with her body? It cannot be done by the head that Siren was the one who learned the secret of the magic of switching bodies.

Tilda / aa, the magician who appeared with a head to deceive me, then a head pulled my strength and imprisoned me in handcuffs for years.

Hymns / and also to teach you that Raman was aware of what happened to me and my sister and he used to come to me and promise me that he will take revenge on the head, but after he is able to rule

Tilda / As he promised me also they will kill you, restore my strength and make me the Queen

Aphrodite agitated, and her body began to transform into a mixture between aspens and Asturian monsters. Her eyes became black, and scales (parts of the fish for breathing) appeared on both sides of her face, the nose disappeared, her teeth sharpened like shark teeth and screamed.

Aphrodite / That the king is mine, and you are my princesses. You will disappear for a period of time until your turn comes, and today a head will be killed and they will be thrown at my hands

Meanwhile, in the Red Sea, especially inside the royal palace, where the son will see the treatment of her body, Rakhwan joined her, who as soon as he moved away from the passage leading to the Holy Island until his strength returned to him, so he moved with some soldiers to the Red Sea Palace

Rakhwan / You're sure a nymph is there

Sirin / “I want to kill Myassin and take from her blood,” she says

Rakhwan / I will not help you unless I'm sure there is a nymph

Serene raised her hand and scattered dust in the air to show a picture of a nymph cleaning a weapon and sitting at the entrance to the Water Palace, moving her tail with water and humming a musical note to encourage war.

Rakhwan / How beautiful it is, your father promised me that she would be mine and he took this bastard!

I approached and whispered Siren / Now this bastard is busy with lights to protect the passage, and there is no one to protect her from you. All you have to do is confront her and hold her for a while until I get to Maysin

Rakhwan smiled imagining what he was going to do and then repeated / When waiting every moment gives Anwar an opportunity to notice that I am not there?

He left the palace and gathered his soldiers to explain to them, what are they doing?

Rakhwan / You will join in a battle with a group of betrayers. They will communicate with humans to end the poplar race, and you must lure them away from the island until Princess Serene and I attack to kill their human leader

The soldiers raised their hands to show obedience. Sirin moved them to the front of the island, and Rakhwan stood behind the soldiers who began to clash with the guards and some of the poplar women. As for Serene, Rakhwan's hand was held and moved to the place where the nymph was sitting, who in turn got up speeding up her weapon, Rakhwan advanced to get out of the water He raised his arms with a sign of surrender, while Sirin retreated, and when she made sure that his mermaid was distracted with Rakhwan, she moved inside the palace below the stairs, waiting for the tail to dry up and turn into a foot. As for Rakhwan, he kept advancing and repeating

Rakhwan / I came, just to talk to Evan

Nymph / Evan is not here. Go to the Holy Land and be a soldier with the ranks of truth with us

Rakhwan / Of course I could fight anyone just for you

Houria / Why don't you understand another's wife?#

Chapter 37

Rakhwan attacked a mermaid holding her weapon while he was trying to take it from her to send electricity from her body to the weapon. Rakhwan's body shook strongly and roared like a wounded lion loudly leaving her weapon

Rakhwan / Why do you push me to hurt you, a mermaid?

Nymph / You are coward than hurting someone

Rakhwan took a sword of Bushra from behind his back and tried to hit her hand to trap the spear, but she deftly avoided the blow and aimed the spear at his foot in order to hit it

During that, Sirin sneaked inside the palace until she searched for Myaseen's place, and it was not difficult because the many guards in front of the door of a room at the last corridor in the ground floor near the sea water confirmed his presence Seren fired a gas bomb under the feet of the guards and the guards appeared suffocating and falling one by one and then approached and drew its user a magic grating A door in the wall next to the door of the room and then went inside to find the doctor and the sage sitting next to the pool in which Maysin slept

In another place where Anwar faces his soldiers, Ras and Raman

Barak noticed that Rakhwan had disappeared, so he was worried about his mermaid. He approached Anwar and whispered to him

Barak / Rakhwan disappeared, I feel that he has retreated and went to attack island 

Anwar / No one knows the location of the island Brac

Brak / Doesn't Serene know where the island is?

Anwar shocked him / Damn it, yeah, damn it that Ras did not attack, just maneuvered from afar. Wait

Anwar came from one of the princes and assigned him to lead the soldiers and confront the head and his soldiers until he went to secure the non-royal poplar, then he moved while holding Barak's hand to the island of Maysin from the watery entrance to the palace, and Houria was fighting fiercely against Rakhwan, who was trying to control and capture her, and as soon as Barak left the water He attacked from the back against Rakhwan, but he was weak because his body had not yet been transformed by stitches. Rakhwan is a dagger inside Barak’s waist. As for his hore, Rakhwan took advantage of Rakhwan to defend himself from Barak and stabbed Rakhwan from the back, entering the old part of the spear completely to reach the heart. He was transformed into a human form, but he was bleeding, then lights approached him and put his hand in place of the wound and seemed to emit lights from his body with a blue-colored bright energy and send it to Barak's body until the wound was healed.

Anwar / Where will you see?

Nymph / did not appear

Anwar / How does he not know where the island is for sure that she brought?

Nymph / fuck myaseen

Then they rushed inside, but he could not stop them moving into the room, as Serene was making a magic cover to stop the ability to move after she attacked the doctor, and the sage who tried to stop her, and she killed the doctor and restrained the wise.

Siren / I will not kill you until you see how your beautiful daughter tears small pieces, but I will draw the blood from her body first before your eyes

A picture of the daughter Serene

Siren approached and began to put medical needles to draw blood from Miasin's body, who was trying in her mind to teleport with Miram, but Miriam was injured and almost unconscious, except that she was looking at Ragrid, and instead of telepathy, Maysin used the ability to control the mind by mistake and the beginning was to see some memories of Miram with Arcrid laughing And they race together and then on their wedding day, part of which was held at the bottom of the ocean and part over the island of the wise men, how happy and beautiful in her appearance in the white dress slanting sky-blue color as the first degree of the night, despite Maysin smiled to see her friend and remember the events of this day

Siren looked at his face with my eyes, saw a smile in her face, got angry and started screaming

Sirin / How can you smile while preparing the d