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The Depths of the Atlantic chapter 30,31

The Depths of the Atlantic

Chapter 30

Then he moved Al-Hakim to the judgment hall in the kingdom after making him wear a helmet and an oxygen device to be able to breathe where everyone met and the shock was evident on their faces from seeing Asen

Al-Hakim approached something similar to an electronic blackboard and grabbed a pen and wrote on it so that everyone would sit down to arrange all the information that we had. Indeed, everyone sat and looked at al-Hakim to write. We start with an Asen

Asin / When my father was killed and Ragrid came and told me that some of the original poplar had gathered on their head to kill me and my daughter was killed and I took her and disappeared in Wisdom Island and no one knew about her except my brother Farwan several years before this, a sharp dispute occurred between the head and Aphrodite after discovering that she was He betrayed him with his brother Yraman, and that Aphrodite's daughter, their real father, Yramon, suddenly disappeared for a while, Aphrodite's young daughter, along with Ferwan's first wife, the mother of Ragrid , and they learned that Ras killed Ragrid's mother because she had proof of something that I did not know at the time, then Aphrodite's great daughter disappeared two hours and then noon, as if not Something happens and when I dealt with her, I felt that she was not, yes, the same form, but the movement and actions made sure that she was her little sister.

I did not have proof of this, but I told my father at the time and he told me not to tell anyone until we get the evidence and until there is nothing contrary to the law of the sea, I will remarry them, and after a while I gave birth to Evan and I loved Prime the Wise and before my father died I gave half of my abilities to Evan and then ran away and got married From the wise, we go back to the time of my daughter Mayassin escaping into the world of mankind and Myassin was dying due to her coming out of the water while she was still under the age of puberty and she was not amphibian yet. Farwan came with him and told me about my brothers' families and that he has an agreement with Ras and Raman and his son and this strange person who appeared and we do not know Whoever is called the magician and the agreement stipulates that I enter the corridor prison and not escape in exchange for they give the fawns herbs that they drink mycas, so that they can live on land until puberty and give up the judgment to Farawan and that the magician switches his body with Furawan and becomes the king from the rising of the sun until midnight that they return With their bodies in the time between midnight until the sun rises again in exchange for my brothers leaving the captivity and also the pledge that the little Siren will be Evan's wife in the future and the pledge of silence and protection of Serene. This is all I have

Hakim wrote on the board this time, you are Evan

Evan took a deep breath and began recounting everything that had happened since entering the palace, the riddles he had gone through, the betrayal of Aphrodite, and the head's revenge on her for what he had done to her two daughters, and that upon his return he saw a woman resembling his mother very much in a prison in the corridor, tied at her tail with an iron and holding a seashell close to her ears, listening to something and crying Whine

Evan / I approached her and asked her who she was and why she was there

Evan took a deep breath and began recounting everything that had happened since entering the palace, the riddles he had gone through, the betrayal of Aphrodite, and the head's revenge on her for what he had done to her two daughters, and that upon his return he saw a woman resembling his mother very much in a prison in the corridor, tied at her tail with an iron and holding a seashell close to her ears, listening to something and crying Whine

F. B.

Evan / I approached her and asked her who she was and why she was there

The Siren / My father deceived me that if I gave up my abilities, I could take my children and get out of the water and live with them in peace far from wars and from the plots of my wicked witch mother, he made me put some substance to my husband in the food

He told me that this article would make him agree to go up to life in righteousness like his brother, but my father planned to kill Farwan's first wife. I tried to protect her, and as a result, my father tied me here and forced my sister to live in my place so that our bodies change

Evan / Who is your son

The Siren / Head of the King Ras and my mother is the human witch

Evan / But how is that if the one who is minors is your younger sister and how does she accept to live with him without marriage?

The mermaid / No, no, he divorced me after a disagreement and married her, then she made a needle, he made her put a magic drink with a drink, so Farwan forgot that he divorced me and married her

Evan closed his eyes, then moved into the cell (the place where the mermaid was imprisoned), then loosened the restraints and attached her to him, he moved to the island and left her there in a closed room after putting food for her, then he went down to the office where the Ragrid and Anwar.

END F. B. 

The oldest brother, Miram's father, got up

Father of Miram / If my brother Farwan cannot return to his body until after the disappearance of the magic that he controls through Ras and Raman and this magician

Asin / and my daughter Mayassin, if she woke up with water, she would not be able to return to the land a month later than her age of maturity and her presence in the ocean is dangerous because Serene would be careless in killing her and getting blood from her body to make the Houry drink it

Al-Hakim wrote on the electronic board, you mean Evan, because according to what he saw in this cursed palace, he was the desired Houry, but there is one thing wrong with the beginning of what Evan said he saw his little girl

Chapter 31

 F. B. 

In the heart of the reception hall, a girl who was almost human, but with legs that looked like an octopus, Evan looked at the girl’s face and talked to himself (This is where I saw her from before) then a voice rang out from the top of the stairs

Voice 1 / Siren my little girl, what are you doing here while the war is going on outside? Aren't you supposed to be with your mother behind the gate of the poplar world, my dear?

Another voice chanted / Siren how you passed by the poplar gate guards while you saw how to leave your daughter here

Yraman / silent, you will see who will bring me the brothers of Farwan and Asin

Siren / Why don't I bring you Asen too, dad

Ramen / No, dear, Uncle Ras has other tasks for them

Sirin / But you are going to give me Rakrid of mine

Ramen laughing / Not before Houry became the prophecy Siren and remember you have one chance to control his mind and rule the oceans and seas, you know how

Sirene with a malicious laugh / Yes, make him drink his girlfriend's blood after they kill her. This is how it is written there on the walls

 END F. B. 

Hakim / If this child, she cannot be the current Siren, because she wanted Ragrid and not Evan

One of the brothers / Yes, I remember that day, when the child Siren appeared in the middle of the ongoing war, and I, Amyoun and your father, Miram, moved to protect her, but she was afraid and pulled away to one of the caves carved behind the coral. Then the soldiers that were fighting us withdrew, so we swam the seven of us towards the cave, and if there is Mother's secret Who are you sitting inside?

Ragrid / If Siren is the mother who inflicted you, not Siren the daughter

Evan / When the mother will see you, she wants you

In the hall appeared the two sisters, a daughter of Yraman, and the wicked witch, my wife, Farwan

Asin / How did you move here as a child (Umm Anwar and the rest)

Hymns (Umm Evan) / I have taken them to say to Ragrid 

Milda / Hear me your mother's Ragrid , the queen is the granddaughter of Al-Dather (the nephew of the Queen Mother) the first of the fighting nymphs of the mother queen, meaning that she possessed double powers for all the princesses at a time if she was considered the adopted daughter of Ramon. But before her death she transferred the powers of war to you and she became weak. That is why it became easy to kill her. I tried to protect her, but my father and put me in prison. If you were a narrator of the prophecy, but when Asen put half of her powers to Evan, the prophecy was divided among you, but who has the goal only of tearing the Bible To end the magic that Serene placed with the body of Maysin, daughter of Asen, only he would become the Hour of Prophecy

Evan / Did Serene wear Myaseen magic body

Yramon / If you learned something from magic, then we are three magicians here, don't you see?

Farwan sat smiling at them / Come on, move or leave, there is no time left, except for a short while, so I have sought some human knowledge, oh human witch

Everyone tried to move and everyone who knows magic tried to decipher what Farwan did, but they did not succeed, so he rushed his head out from the cave, but he found the mythical tiger sharks filling the place, so he returned to Farawan trying to attack and kill him, but he could not even touch him the voice of Farawan laughing again

Farwan / Do you think that I am so stupid, I sit in the same place where I put the trap for you? I thought you were smarter than that head

Ramen / shit, it's a mirror image of him but where is he until he uses the reflection from a mirror

The Human Witch / She's Not a Woman He's Using Human Science He's Not Even Here

Farwan / Very well you remember your world, witch

Serene Mother / But you forgot that you learned from inside my body and I will know what he planned

Indeed, Serene, the mother, saw all that he had planned for a month ago, when he was on the island of wisdom with his brother, Miram's father

 F. B. 

The wise man anxiously tried to hide it / Don't you, Judge, they are just children, let it be mine and ....

The hadith of the neighborhood interrupted the entry of a person, whose clothes it appears that he is not from the island, but the ruler got up smiling and welcoming him

Governor / Welcome my dear brother

Hakim / Hello guest, if Mayassin we leave the ruler to the guest and go

Governor / Sorry, wise, this is my brother. He did not come to visit me here before, but I promise you that I will not leave Ranin’s father before she makes her apologize to your daughter. This is her right

After al-Hakim and his daughter left the island’s governor’s house, the ruler turned to his brother

Ruler: Hi Farawan, what winds brought you after what happened to you?

Farawan / Listen to my younger brother, Ras has used magic with the help of his wife, and he made my wife a dull, put it to me with my food and control my mind. I don't know how what happened, but with the help of my third wife, songs I discovered what happened and remembered many things.

Farawan cut out all that he knew of the conspiracies that Ras and Raman had done, and he would see the mother and what they had planned, and that he would not be able to stop Ras’s control of his mind except for a limited period, and during that period he would kill them all. He put all his powers on Ivan now because he is the wisest of his children

Farwan / You must threaten me, my brother, if I do not succeed in killing them, you will imprison me where I cannot move

Al-Hakim / I will find Houry of the prophecy, and then I will free you, Farwan

Farwan / I will set the trap and organize everything and then go back to the island prison here. I will trust the covenant. If I cannot kill them, I will move my eyes closed to any place closed on four sides where the magician cannot get me out.

 END F. B.