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The Depths of the Atlantic chapter 26,27

The Depths of the Atlantic by Asmaa Nada

 Chapter 26

Years passed and Rayban was able to unify some kingdoms with him, but Ras had planned another way and used the river of origin and killed two shrimp after they had made laws of the Bible and tampered with some laws to prevent Asen from marrying the human being, but she escaped and married him already and gave birth to his child and while she was swimming With her and teach her the arts of water

Ras and Ramon killed her father, Ribyan, and she became the queen

Ragrid / My aunt, my aunt, come on, take her and run to the human world.

While Asin fled to the land, Ragrid and Anwar fought desperately in defense of their aunt, and they succeeded in distracting the Ras Tan soldiers on the way to Asin escaping

####### END F. B. ######

Asen woke up to the sound of the door of the prison opening, and Siren's laughter was louder

Sirin / You saw that I am not helpless, I took advantage of your nap and recovered one of my strengths, and here I am going away from your place and you will not be able to stop me now

Siren swam away, but in awe, Asin appeared in front of her and tried to control her again, but this time Siren was faster and moved with her to the palace of King Ras

Asen woke up to the sound of the door of the prison opening, and Siren's laughter was louder

Siren / You saw that I am not helpless, I took advantage of your nap and recovered one of my powers and here I am going away from your place and you will not be able to stop me now

Siren swam away, but in awe, Asin appeared in front of her and tried to control her again, but this time Siren was faster and moved with her to the palace of King Ras

Serene / I told you you can't. Prevent me

Asin attached her to her and moved with her over the island of judgment in the sage's bedroom

Asen goes to the closet and wears a dress for her / and here is my little girl Serene, you will not even be able to take advantage of the negligence of my eyes here on the land of the wise

Sirin / Why is it not an island like other islands?

Asen / No, it is not like that. You instilled in it something that disrupts any supernatural power. If your father does not teach you to see who I am, you will realize this here and it is good that you are wearing this dress

During their dialogue, the wise door opened to enter his bedroom, but Asen jumped to the beach before seeing her, leaving a message to him that she placed on Sirin's chest without realizing it.

Hakim / What are you doing here?

Siren / I don't know I woke up and found myself here, out of the way

Al-Hakim had read the message and hurried up and pressed a button next to the bed to close the room door with iron and the window as well.

Sirin / You. what did you do?

Hakim / I will not let you kill the ruler's daughter for the island, and you will stay here until Asen returns

Sirin / Whoever said that I want to kill the daughter of the ruler of the island, whom I do not know

Al-Hakim pointed to her chest to look at it, Serene lowered her gaze as he pointed to see something written on her clothes.


Siren / Old man I will get out of here and show you who Siren is

Al-Hakim took advantage of Sirin's preoccupation with screaming and anger, and exited the room and closed it again

After she calmed down and noticed that she was in the room alone, she sat on the bed talking to herself

(Calm down, calm down and think what my mother told me) Sirin started to repeat her memories with her mother

Far away from the cursed palace in the heart of the sunken island

Where Ivan remembered the carved sentence and went faster towards the second corridor from the seventh room on the twelfth floor, Evan swam up to the place and found himself in a glass crystal with a sand floor on it, and as he stood in the middle of the crystal, it began to rotate and then a bed room foundation appeared and saw two people standing in front of him close From the bed, the Houry puts the king's crown on his head and tears down his cloak, which is very similar to the clothes of the pharaohs, with drawings of gold on it, and stands in front of him.

Queen Ras, Your brother Raman believes he deserves to be the judge of Al-Poplar

King: Yes, Aphrodite, I think so, but the rest of my brothers

The Queen / You are the King. Nobody can review your orders except that Ramon possesses, next to his abilities, the power of magic and changes the bodies, and you may need it in the future except that you can distribute your other brothers to other positions, for example, make the army commander's shrimp next to his kingdoms

King: Yes, a great idea, and this will keep him away from the island here for a while. I will announce this today at the headquarters of the government

The king came out of the crystal, passing Ivan's body, then the queen went to the glass and knocked over it five times to open a door behind the bed, and someone came out of it and approached the queen smilingly.

Queen / Well, Judge Ramon, what else do you want?

Raman approached her and grabbed her waist to bring her closer to him

Yamen / I want you sweetie!

Evan turned to a sound behind him to find the door of the crystal closed and the crystal darkened, and he could only hear the treachery sounds of the queen with the king's brother Evan tried to leave, but everything disappeared soon, then the place lit up and if the crystal became like the courtroom and he was sitting in the place of the judge and sitting in front of him Arcrid

Judge / If you do not inform the court about the whereabouts of Princess Asen, I will eliminate you by depriving you from going out to land for life

 Ragrid Smiling / I don't know who are you talking about in the first place?

The Queen (the Human Witch) cries out from behind Ragrid : How can you protect the traitor, breaking the sacred law that you are protecting

Ragrid turned to her / just as my father agreed and went on a pledge not to harm your granddaughter Sirin, who was the reason for luring my uncles into enemy territory

Judge / If the ruling is that you are prevented from ascending to land for life, and you must abide by the covenant, and if he breaks down and harm Serene, your younger brother will pay the price in return

Ragrid / Damn you and the king has a head and the queen and the day will come which will come from Siren and from you

Ragrid came out of the courtroom and sold him a lot of poplar, then the crystal was darkened again, and when it lit up it was in Evan's bedroom, and he was five years old sitting among the anemones playing and called by Asin

Asin / Evan ... Evan ... Come to your little auntie

The child approached Asin, so I held him with one hand, then held him in the other hand, face him to look at

Asen / open your mouth and do not close it and I will give you the most beautiful morgana

The child opened his mouth and opened the lutein of her mouth so that blue smoke came out through her mouth and entered the child's mouth, and after a few moments the smoke ended, so she smiled at him.

Asen / You now possess four powers, dear, powers that you inherit from your mother, powers that you inherit from your father, powers that I gave to you, and powers that you were born with, dear Evan, I know that you will be able to unite all the kingdoms of the seas and you will have authority over them, but remember that you will protect the poplar

Child / I love you, aunt, where is the coral?

She smiles at him and takes out some mauve coral from her bag for the child to laugh and take it back to play

Rubian / Why did Asyn do that, why Evan?

Asin / I see in him wisdom, patience and accuracy. See how coral is planted among anemones. How at this age can he know that it only grows within it. My father

Rubian / Does Ferwan know?

Asen / no

Rubian / Do you know Asene, there is something wrong with Ferwan's wife, I do not know what it is, and the disappearance of her little sister, I do not know there is something

Chapter 27

Asin to herself (I am afraid to say that I feel that the one who lives with Farawan now is not his wife but her sister, but how is it proven)

Once again the crystal is darkened and moments later and it lights up and returns empty of everything and the ground is sandy then appears from behind the glass a nymph with silver-colored hair from the original poplar holding in her hand a three-headed fork branching from it small branches and her hand resembles the hand of a water turtle and she has two feet and each foot has a strong tail fin and a crown on her head I was a bird with its wings

She stands tall as if she is 20 and then points to Evan until he comes close

Evan approaches the glass and puts his hand on it to approach the nymph and put her hand on the other side of the glass and the glass disappears and he feels the touch of her hand

The nymph / I am the queen mother to preserve what remains of the original poplar and protect the species of poplar from extinction due to the greed of Aphrodite. Transfer part of every ability I have through my blood, passing through the generations to come, until it reaches the nymph of the pure heart and wise mind, who with his wisdom will be able to unite. Kingdoms of the seas without war and then falls in love with a princess, half of her blood is royal and the other half, good news for a man who possesses human wisdom and fights the head and his wife

Aphrodite united his strength with the heir of the original king, my husband, with the blood that he took when he saved him from certain death at the hands of a mad shark and almost died, but my husband gave him his blood and the ability to heal and regenerate the cells of the body. Together, they will form forces that no one will be able to stop, but remember that this horoscope will not go to war except For her sake, so that he can obtain her consent to marry him and to save her from the danger of the granddaughter of the witch. Only the one who will cross the gate to the world of poplar and fight the keeper of the enchanted book and taste it will take this thorn and break the gate and restore the link between humans and poplar and return the king to Queen Asen

Evan / If Queen Asin then my beloved Myaseen is the one desired, but who is the granddaughter of the witch who intends to harm her

The queen mother did not answer, but retreated back and began to disappear, then the crystal returned as it was and the carved message appeared again ((Remember, visitor, time in the palace is faster than outside time, and time is repeated and returned to the walls of the palace so do not turn to everything that you see)) Evan hurried out of the room The crystal is trying to get out from the palace, but suddenly the human witch Aphrodite stands with Judge Yraman and his son, the current judge, and stands far away, the king's head behind them

Aphrodite / Listen to now, Ras does not know. I am the two girls, your daughters. I do not want him to know and the best thing that I did is that you married one of them to Prince Farawan. So we will guarantee the rule of the four kingdoms, but after we ensure the verdict on you to kill the head and to marry me