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The Depths of the Atlantic chapter 13 ,14


The Depths of the Atlantic

Chapter 13

Myassin smiled, sighed, and said / He loves you and we know this, but if he does not learn the lesson, he will repeat his mistake, do not be easy.

The eyes of Miram were their strength, and they poured out of her eye, and with his smile mixed with the pain of longing for him, I opened the torn paper from the book

And after reading it in an intermittent voice choked by her tears, she stood up and re-tossed the bottle into the heart of the ocean screaming

Miram / No, you have no other chance. You do not deserve forgiveness

Then she turned and her back was to the ocean, and she moved slowly while collecting letters to her chest and tears streaming hard from her eyes.

Maysin looked at her, in pain for her friend, then she got up to look at the ocean, and then she saw Evan floating with someone and guessed that he was a ragrad, so she had never seen him before only. They approached the beach and then turned around until it came down from the rock after seeing the trace of Miram, who disappeared among the trees, towards the house of her ruling father

Myasin, after she approached the beach and saw Evan sitting, hiding his lower half under the sand and smiling at her, and did not find the other person with him

Mayaseen / Welcome back. Where is this Ragrad that was with you?

Evan / I missed you, didn't you miss me

Mayaseen / I miss you

Evan maddened / if this group I keep to those who care about me

Myassin looked at the necklace he was holding in his hand, then she raised her head and moved her shoulder, pretending not to be interested, as she approaches to sit next to him

Myaseen / Yes, keep it for those you care

He grabbed her hand and pulled her near him while laughing

Evan / When you grow up when you know that I adore you, there is no one else

I smiled Mayasin / ummmmm, and what is the blame of the roses is that I love butterflies, then I do not know anything about you, so how can I care about you

Evan / Why don't you come with me and show you everything about me

Before she answered, her father's voice appeared from behind, so Evan withdrew into the water and disappeared quickly

Hakim / Mayaseen Has it not been too late and I warn you not to be near the ocean at night

Myassin / My father, the sun has not yet set, and I took my treatment before leaving the hut when I did not worry about myself. Whenever I approach the sea, I am no longer young

Hakim / It is small and you will remain my little girl forever, then you know after I lost your mother because of the ocean, I can no longer let you approach it

Mayasin / Oh dad someday I will leave from here on my boat Explore this world and I am now approaching 18 years old What will you do then my dear

Hakim / I will sail with you wherever you are at the time, you are still young, come home

Myassin / A few minutes, dad, I will come to you

Hakim with a smile / Finish for a few minutes, and if you do not fulfill the promise, there is no beach tomorrow

Al-Hakim returned to the huts and he was worried about his daughter, for she would already reach an age that he could not prevent her from doing what she wanted, and he had promised her mother this and he did not know what her reaction would be when she discovered the truth.

Evan appeared in the ocean floating near the beach and smiled at her

Evan / Come on, go home, and tomorrow seven in the morning, I'll come here

Myaseen / The era of returning

Evan came ashore, gave her an emerald necklace, and smiled

Evan / I am promised to be you. Not for others and we will be together soon

This emerald is not appropriate for any other girl

Before she answered, he quickly returned to the heart of the ocean and disappeared from her view. She embraced her body with her arms and smiled, then turned and moved quietly while caressing the sand with her toes and embracing the knots at one time and kissing it at other times

Under Miriam's balcony, Ragrad stopped looking at the balcony, waiting for darkness to prevail and the lights went out until he climbed the wall and tried again to satisfy his lover, and after three hours he heard the sound of the balcony door opening and saw Miram coming out wearing a brown nightgown and her soft white hair caressing the air some of his tufts to respond and fly behind Miram stands between her hair and then pulls it to the side of her shoulder to join the strands together while she makes a sweet sound of sad melody faster the ragdeed and climbs the wall skillfully and then jumped in front of her inside the balcony and looked with her eyes and said with a voice that bears sadness

Ragrid / us have two orbits in the orbits of fancy

                The sun should not overtake the moon

Between you and me are ruins and valleys

                    From tears and a river of longing ran

And the flute sip from my rhyme

                And tears flow in my planet

Despair, I cry with grief and longing overpower me

           Despair and longing in my dreams are planted

I have a mother's longing, and I have a student in my country

                   Trapped in my heart, which has become addicted to travel

O heart, oh child, stand up to me

              It applies to the wound and the pain is dyed

How to get to those who have no access

                  And you are distracted by longings in disdain

O harbor of love poetry is my song

            And the casting is remote ... the bet of love has lost

Poetry: Mahrous Brick

From Diwan Al-Muhajir

Miram turned so that he did not see the fire of longing for him in his eyes, and moved inside, and before closing the balcony door, she said

Miram / You were a lover from childhood and passion danced between us in youth and your love did not burden me with confidence

I began to close the balcony door, and Ragrid came forward and extended its arms, holding the coral, and kneeling on his knee, to open her eyes with fear and hold his hand

Miram / Mad Ragrid and risk your life to bring it up

Ragrid / And if the way to reach forgiveness from you is my dolls, I will not delay by giving you my love, I did not go away to complain about you, but because I think that I am not worthy of you.

Miram could not resist anymore, and he caught herself between a farmer. He breathed comfortably as if he was not breathing in the aftermath, and he attached her to him more. Then he got up and carried her to the room and closed the balcony with his foot and...

chapter 14

He left Evan and Ragrid on the island and returned to the kingdom , he was planning a cruise to take his girlfriend under the water,How is the way to that without wearing human oxygen devices? He entered the royal palace while he was absent from the mind. Evan's mother returned alone, she approached him smiling at his condition, then moved her hand in front of his eyes while shouting

Queen / Evan

Evan/ yes yes mom

Queen / Um, where is Ragrid

Evan / Ragrid with his wife on the island

Queen / Why did he go up to the island when he was forbidden from that?

Evan / No, it is not forbidden, because the judge dropped the ban

Queen / Um, and how did he do this ..... She does not say that he took a risk to get a piece of coral for her

Evan / This is what happened

The Queen grabbed Evan’s ear and said: Really, it wasn't you who had the idea to bring the coral to the judge’s wife

Anwar appeared behind her, smiling, with his hands reflecting behind his back

Anwar / Yes, mom, as I told you, it was he who urged Ragrid to do so even though the judge's wife was not in the Holy Island

The Queen turned and grabbed Anwar's ear as well, and bowed

Queen / And you, who are two years older than him, where were you and your little brother weaving this plot?

Evan / Really, where were you lights up too when the shark attacked Ragrid

Anwar presses his teeth / I was with him and he was the one who lagged as we tried to escape

Queen / Were you there to protect him while he was cutting the coral?

Lights / I did

Queen / How did he become in the back while you are in front?

Anwar / Ha (scratching the Anwar of his head from behind) I don’t know. I was pulling Siren to be in the middle between me and Barak, and when I turned around, I did not find Ragrid

Queen / And you, Evan, how did you learn about Ragrid, despite his instructions not to go hunting with them, especially if you do not have a weapon

Evan / Mmmm I can answer, but I have a passion to find out how my mother learned about all of this

A voice rang out from behind the queen

000 / I told her everything

Anwar and Evan in one voice / Siren, what are you doing here?

Evan / Did you tell her that you hurt Ragrid?

Sirin / I would have stabbed Barak but prevented it

Evan angrily approached her and then grabbed her hair / Why did you want to kill Barak?

Siren ridding her hair from Evan's hand / The king's orders, Rakhwan's father, you know that I am working now to establish bonds between kingdoms and with Barak's death Rakhwan can marry a nymph and unite two kingdoms

Evan pulls her hair more / If you approach Barak again, I will make you food for the sharks

Queen Evan, leave it now

Evan Siren reluctantly left and then moved away to his room but listened to the Queen's voice

Queen / You are stupid. What did you say? You know how he loves Barak now, how will you get the slightest interest from him?

Anwar/ Do not dream until Evan loves humanity, and if he fights the Seven Seas, I am with him

The king's voice cracked angrily

Farwan / What did you say, do you and your younger brother want to stand against the laws of the Bible for the sake of those for humanity?

Anwar defiantly / but for the sake of my brother's heart, my father, I will not make the mistake of the past when I fasted and joined you and some of my uncles against the wish of your only sister and rejected her and after she escaped to righteousness and married the one who loved and gave birth. What did you do? He was male or female with his father, and you do not know where it is true

I will not repeat this with Evan, even if I fight old creatures in the Holy Land and tear up the book with A ... B ..... z

Evan listened to what happened and spoke to himself after laying on his bed

Evan (really I had an uncle and I married Bashra, and she has now imprisoned thanks to my father and his sisters. Is this the reason why my uncle and his daughter Miriam went out to the island of people? Is it possible that her husband is still there but I do not think that my aunt's child or child is still alive? After the age of 20 and not before, is it possible for my aunt to have resorted to magic herbs to preserve the life of her child?

I do not know what to do )

Evan closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep, exhausted from traveling and then going out to land and back

In another place in the ocean, near the sunken island that everyone calls the Holy Island, there were caves between the cracks of the walls of the gaps in the first earth's crust. It leads to the separation of the ocean waters from the island, a part devoid of water that reaches oxygen and becomes the land below the depths of the ocean in one of these caves. to her

The nymph / My beautiful daughter is eighteen years old. I did not see you with them. How have you grown up? Do you look like your father or did you take anything from me, my little lover? We swim together in the depths of the ocean, but wah from the treachery of the closest relatives who despised the pain of my heart to prove the rules of their king and satisfy the centenarians. The oppressor is who will cross the watergate and tear the book and erase the magic so that I can go out and see you, the light of my eyes

The nymph hears the sound of the magic doors opening and entering one of the chive judges

Judge / You still do not admit the crime Asen

Asen / What offense are you talking about

Judge / violate the laws of the Bible, marry a human being and live with him outside the ocean

Asen / There is no law depriving love of you until you violate the laws of nature with the laws of your outdated book

Judge / If you will not get out of here except the body of Pali Asen

Asen laughed sarcastically / someone from the core of you will free me and tear your holy book, so legends say

Judge / We are ready to kill him and tear him down, even if it is my son

The judge came out angry at Asen's toughness, which did not and will not relent, despite the years that have passed

Outside the ocean, after the night had ended and the sun approached, the wise man was sitting on the beach near the hut looking at the ocean, his eyes shedding tears silently, and then whispering

Hakim / Keeping the covenant O Asin After midnight every night I come waiting for you here I see in the sky the brightest of the full moon I hope to smell your red hair as it falls on your shoulder like a waterfall from the river Your bright blue eyes that have been deprived of it Where are you is not the time to return after the little one Miyasin I grew up I am close to twenty and I will have to tell her the truth. How much I would like you to be with me at that time I know that she will go to look for you if I know, but how can I leave it and how can I prevent it just as the herbs that you brought to me are close to running out. I do not tell me. Should I tell her now? Should I urge her to dive into the ocean from now? Will she be able from the magic crystal that you brought to go to your kingdom to look for you, and how can I check on him?

He sighed in pain and then stopped the tears of his eyes as they returned to the hut, but I heard a voice calling him from the ocean

....... / Do not make her return to the ocean

Hakim / Who are you and where

..... / Look by the rock, you will find new herbs. These weeds will prevent their transformation even if they go down to the water

The wise man looked around to find, a few steps away, a newly placed rock in the place, and below it leaves that looked like grape leaves, but large and thick and red. He grabbed them and kept looking with his eyes for whoever spoke, but no one

He returned with happiness in his heart, as he would not have to let her go in the ocean. He went down to her bedroom and then before her head and put a cup of boiling herbs next to the bed

Then he went up to his room and slept in peace

Before sunrise, Ivan went out of his room in the palace, heading to the magician of the kingdom, to ask about his way, whereby he could lower my miasin to the bottom of the ocean without needing oxygen.

The magician lives in one of the wrecks of a ship soaked in the first depth of the ocean so that he can put a veil over the entrance leading to the depths so that no humans try to dive there

Evan entered the magician's place and did not see anything indicating his life, but he turns to go out and hears the magician's voice

Magician / Get Evan into the cockpit.

Evan smiles and swims towards the head of the sinking ship and there he finds someone standing between a group of boxes of different sizes

Magician / I know when I came, but there is no such thing as ...

The wizard fell silent and looked at Evan

Evan / Except what?

Magician / We make an oxygen bubble for her to be inside for 72 hours with the ability to change the oxygen 72 hours before they finish

Evan / interviewer

Magician / Some drops of blood from her hands before the water

Evan / Why?

The magician / only analyzing and knowing if she could live in the kingdom far from sunlight

Evan / Tamam make a bubble

Evan’s legacy and went to the palace of government to find Siren sitting next to the king and smiling at him. The king pointed to him to sit next to her. Evan raised one of the visors, then went and sat beside the lights, and before the king spoke faster, he spoke

Evan / Today my sweetheart will come to meet my mother and see the arrangements that I have made for her so that she can live with us

Farawan / How can humanity live in the depths, unless it intends to live in the Holy Land

Evan got up and said: Well, you reminded me of the Holy Land, I will go until I get her an easy way to get there so that the judge will bless us to marry.

Then Ivan left after bending to the king without waiting for a response from his father, but he followed Anwar after Ivan left with a loud laugh.

Anwar / I told you before he comes, it is not hopeful

Then he got up, bowed to his father, and left, still laughing

Until he got out of the king's resting hall, he saw Ivan standing by the outer gate of the palace, he went and stood next to him

Anwar / I am just with you. Decide when we will go together

Evan / Agreeing to come for a few days thinks eight or nine days will suffice

Anwar / I told you previously that there is no solution but kidnapping

Evan exhaled himself, then added

Evan / Today the Wizard will set up an oxygen bubble and when it's over we go lights