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The Depths of the Atlantic chapter 15 ,16

The Depths of the Atlantic

The Depths of the Atlantic

By Asmaa Nada

Chapter 15

During their conversation, a guard came quickly and told Evan that the magician sent and asked for his presence. Evan smiled and swam out of the kingdom, followed by lights. He met the magician in the middle of the road where he gave Evan a small cube and told him to defuse the cube from the top out of the water and when it became the size of the room, his girlfriend enters it and hangs on it. Then he presses the button next to the cube until it goes down into the water

Evan smiled and grabbed the cube and climbed towards the island, and the sun had not yet risen, he went out with lights and approached together from the hut of the wise, and they entered without anyone notifying them. Evan went straight down because he knew where her room was located. He approached her and she was sleeping with her brown hair scattered around her embracing a bride. Her mother made it for her when she was young, and Evan put one hand under her head and another one below her knee and carried it calmly, but he remembered that she had told him once about what medicine she was taking and he started looking around until he found the cup of herbs

He moved his head to lights, pointing to the cup of weeds until he took it. Lights approached, looked at the herbs, and then whispered

Anwar / it is the herbs of the magical heart of life

Evan / Why take it then?

Anwar / used to treat the heart as well

Evan / you can bring it to her

Anwar / Of course the magician sells it, most of it is his herbs

Evan as he moves out of the hut / Hold this paper and pen

Anwar / What should I write?

Evan / Dear Dad, I went on a cruise with Prince Evan, whom I had known before. I couldn't tell you because I was tired and asleep, your daughter Myasin.

Go put this message next to the glass of water next to the bed

Anwar / You keep the place

Evan / Come on, I'll advance

Evan went out to the beach and caught up with lights after he put the paper in, then took the cube out of Evan's pocket and removed the fuse. It is only a few moments until the cube becomes the size of the room, but part of it is drowning in the water. Put Evan Myassin

Then close it and press a button next to the cube to start diving. Hold Evan on the side of the cube and hold lights on the side. The other and sank back to the kingdom.

Evan as he moves out of the hut / Hold this paper and pen

Anwar / What should I write?

Evan / Dear Dad, I went on a cruise with Prince Evan, whom I had known before. I couldn't tell you because you were tired and asleep, your daughter Myasin.

 go and put this message next to the glass of water next to the bed

Anwar / Are you keeping the place?

Evan / Come on, I'll advance

Evan went out to the beach and caught up with Anwar after he put the paper , then took the cube out of Evan's pocket and removed the fuse. It was only moments, until the cube became the size of a room, but part of it was drowning in water. Evan Myassin put on

Then close it and press a button next to the cube to start diving. Hold Evan on the side of the cube and hold lights on the side. The other and sank back to the kingdom

The sun shone on the island and the daylight crept in, caressing the wise eye, fidgeting with the bed, waking up, reaching out to drink some drops of water, so his hand fell on the message resting on the cup, then he held his medical glasses in the other hand and near the paper.

Al-Hakim got up, terrified of what he had read and shouted

Hakim / No, no, this is not true. My daughter will never do this to me

Then he hurried down the stairs, heading to her room, and he did not assure him that she had been kidnapped, not as the message was said that her clothes were adorned as they are while the doll is on the bed

Hakim / Myaseen cannot go anywhere without the doll

The wise man nearly lost his mind and went out of the hut in his pajamas to the governor's house until he ordered the guards to search for his daughter

Al-Hakim kept knocking at the door of the ruler's house while shouting

Hakim / Help! My daughter was kidnapped, O Governor, Help!

This time the ruler opened the door of the house himself, did not wait for any of the servants, and stood before the wise man, calming him down

Governor / Calm down, what happened, and how did you kidnap Mayasin from the island? Is it possible that she is with one of her friends or with Miram upstairs?

Hakim takes his breaths with difficulty / No, I do not read this

The ruler grabbed the paper and read the letter repeating to himself

The ruler (the curse of time repeats himself the curse) then tried to pretend quietly and smiled to the wise, saying

Governor / Don't worry we will look. I know the father of this prince, and I think that he would not dare to kidnap her, and as is found in the letter, she went with him herself

Hakim / When she did not take clothes with her, and when she did not take her favorite doll that her mother bought for her

Governor / Um Tamam I will leave Miram with you and go immediately to Ivan's father

Hakim / How can I sit here and not know what happened to my daughter? No, I ...

Ruler / Whoever takes care of Miram and who takes care of the affairs of the island, dear Al Hakim, that the road to the Kingdom of Farawan is far away. We must sail for a week. Who will be here

Hakim sadly / She is my only remembered daughter from her mother

Governor / I will not be back without her Promise Just Wait here at home

Hakim / Do I have another choice ... Hurry up if I leave to look for her

Al-Hakim / Immediately, I will go up to Miram and her mother, tell them what happened and go

The king went up to the Miram room, and before the door knocked, Ragrid opened the door of the room and left

Governor / When did you come and what brought you here?

Ragrid / Good morning my father-in-law I have been here since last night thanks thanks for the welcome

The ruler lowers his voice / Is your brother gone mad until he snatches the only daughter of the wise man. The man down will go mad

Miram / Majnun What did Haya Rarkred go and take her back to her father

They all heard the sound of the door of the house closing faster, the ruler descended to find that the wise man had already left the house

Governor / I fear this man will do something that we all regret

Ragrid / Your Honor, go to him, and Miram and I will go to the kingdom and send you the news

Indeed, they all set off, both on his way

Al-Hakim went out to the shore and sat on the rock on which two mias were painted, crying and crying echoing while screaming

Al-Hakim (Asin Asin took you from me in the past, and now they took from me my daughter )

Echoed the same sound that came from herbs

The voice / Do not worry, wise man Asen, you will hear your voice, and do not fear for the brown beauty, I will never let anyone harm her

Hakim / Who are you and how can I believe your talk

The voice / I am the closest in blood to Asin, I am the one who protects it and protects you until now. One day, someone who liberates Asen will appear and tear the Bible and return to all his rightful attire, and the time for his appearance has come. Look at Miyasin’s stone with the crystal until you see it and reassure your heart

Al-Hakim got up quickly, heading to the hut and then to the room of Miasin and found on the bed a glass sphere fixed on a holder of gold approached it and began to look closely at it

The glass ball began to appear smoke inside it, then gradually diminish and appear two mias asleep on a bed float above a water pool sitting next to the bed with a young man looking at her smiling

Hakim / My daughter, yes, she is, and from this it is that he is that young man who came here once, you remember him now he is, if the voice was right, approaching your meeting Asin approached

In the depths of the ocean depths, where the kingdom of the seas is praising, and specifically in Evan's room, Miasin restlessly and pervades her hair with his yawning fingers, then opens her eyes quietly, and it is only moments until she realizes that she does not sleep in her room, but inside a glass flora the fish float around her

Myassin / What is this? I think the fish in my room were on one side and not surrounding me. How can I breathe in water

Evan chuckles / Welcome to the Kingdom of the Seven Sea, baby

Myassin got up and looked at him, saying

Myassin / What did I do ??? How did I get here ??? Oh my God, what happened to him?

Evan / Don't worry, I put a letter to him telling him that you are on his journey with me for a few days

Mayaseen / Risalah: Is this how the discussions between you and your father are resolved with a message? Did you not learn that you should discuss and confront and not be weak and only send a message Do you think that my father will believe her? You are crazy

Evan / Pain, I tell you that you are coming with me on a cruise

Mayaseen / Yes you told me, but for a few hours, no for days, and I did not discuss my father, after listening, I want to return to my father now

Evan / No, I will not be able to take you back now. Then Miram and Arcade are there. I will send them to discuss with your father. Come on, don't waste time until you see the kingdom. Come on.

Evan grabbed her hand until she got up from the bed, and she closed her mouth in wonder

Myassin / How is that? I can't breathe in water like you

Evan / Don't worry, just sit inside this box, let's go to the wizard first

Myassin went down into the swimming pool next to the bed to enter the box, but suddenly she felt something attracting her, unfortunately, so she dived quickly under the water. Evan dived behind her and saw water octopuses holding Miasin's feet faster and cut off his transplantation. Meanwhile, Myassin discovered her ability to breathe water through the skin, but she went up next to the bed once Other

Evan / Are you okay?

Myassin / I think so, I could breathe down, I don't know how

Evan / What .... how ??? Let's go to the wizard to understand

Evan dived holding Miyasin's hand in the water and went outside the palace towards the magician’s residence while they were on the road. Whispered to himself

Evan (if her eye lights up, it is reasonable to be a nymph, but how is that? She still has two feet that have not become a tail like us)

Mayaseen / What is wrong with you when you look at me like this ..... Ooooh, I am talking under the water too, and I have no problem breathing

Evan / This is fishy and not cool, but I loved it Come on, the magician's house is not far away

Chapter 16

After a short time, the two entered the sinking ship, but they did not find the magician, so Evan sat in a seat on the ship. As for Mayaseen, she was amazed at the picturesque views. You eat

Mayaseen turned around after hearing a familiar voice to find Evan talking to someone whose face was hidden. She could not know but she was sure she had heard the voice before.

Evan / Magician, yesterday when I was bringing myeasin, I found this magical herbal drink at her home, and today we discovered that she can breathe under water.

Magician / Yes, these herbs are the one who gave them to her father, and it is possible that they have this effect, which makes them breathe through the skin like a frog

Mayaseen / I can talk underwater too

Magician / You do not talk only you issue vibrations when empty of the ear translate into words like we all do here

Evan / But she's not a nymph

The poet's silence then changed the course of the conversation / I heard that Ragrid has returned with Miram to the palace of government and is looking for you, by the way

Mayaseen, you gave your father a magic crystal so that he could see you here and check on you

Mayaseen / How is he doing?

The magician / was angry and anxious, but I think he is well now he sees you

Myassin looked up and answered / apologized, dad, I didn't know he would take me without telling you?

The magician smiling / I told you okay does not hear you

Evan spoke quickly / if Mayasin come to show you the kingdom before you meet the king and queen

They swam together, returning to the depths, where Maysin was dazzled by the sight of fish swimming in groups, and they had a leader directing them where to walk. It lights up whenever they are close to each other, hours have passed, and Miyasin swims, enjoying the picturesque sights around her and the fish that you never thought existed.

Evan / Come on now, and after you get to know my mother and father, I will take you until you see the wonders of the depths and the holy island and then on our home

Mayaseen / Yes, of course, I would love to get to know your father and mother and see all that you mentioned, but this does not mean that I will stay here with you.

Evan / We talk about that later

They arrived at the palace of government, where the king, his wife, his brothers and their wives were staying.

Miram / How can you breathe, but first after the reception, meet me at the entrance to the overnight palace

Mayaseen / We will meet and tell you how I can breathe

Miram came back and sat next to Ragrid who did not even smile and was looking at Ivan angrily. Evan, holding Miasin's palm, approached his mother's seat first.

Evan / My Queen's Mum This is my lover and future wife

The queen, looking at her in amazement and with a tearful eye, how is that?

Evan and the anger appeared in my glimpse / my mom I love her and

Evan could not continue his speech because the Queen quickly got up, hiding her face in her hand, and leaving the hall.

Anwar / mom what's wrong?

The king smiled at Maysin and said: Welcome to us, and forever I apologize for my wife. I will go to find out what is wrong with her.

As soon as the king went out behind lights and the queen, Serene came inside, wearing an open-chested golden dress in the shape of a seven, bare back, but long, covering the tail fin moving smoothly and pampered as she swam approaching Evan, then put one hand on the shoulder and another hand touched his chest and then kissed him and said

Siren / Welcome back, dear, did you bring the new slave girl that humanity?

And before he slapped her in the face, Evan, Ragrid hurried and stood between them, speaking in a low voice, guarding that Miasin could hear him and Siren could not hear him behind him.

Radgrid / Remember the treaty and the laws that protect it. She is the daughter of a king. There is no war for women’s jealousy

Myasin sped up, placed her head on Evan's shoulder, smiling

Myassin / You didn't tell me that there are prostitutes here on the ocean floor as well

Evan, because his face / Yes, I think I forgot your news. Come on, do not pay attention to anyone Almighty until you see the palace before tonight's concert, dear

And together they came out of the judgment room, and Sirene screamed

Siren in clear anger / What and how for human Cinderella to breathe underwater like this and who called this insect a bitch?

Ragrid / Stay quiet Siren, it is you who started, not her

Siren / It seemed, what aren't these laws of the Bible? A person who loves a human being brings him here as a slave or slave girl, or has you forgotten what happened in the past with your aunt?

Radgrid / What happened was a mistake, and if time came back, I fought to protect it again, and you remember well that your father was still my enemy, but the treaty that Evan created only did not protect him from me

Serene pushed the Arcade with her hand while she was talking to herself during the exit. She will pay the price for this arcade, but first I will take her away. Whoever tries to take what is mine and Evan Lee to have fun a little later

Radgrid / When I agreed to the treaty, Ivan would not curse you

Miram / Since I am considered outside the treaty because I didn't bring her, should I kill Siren?

Radgrid / Is this hand? The beautiful and tender heart can kill someone my sweetheart You cook fish to eat it I don’t know how you are a mermaid in the first place

Miram / Didn't you love me because I'm different from mermaids?

Ragrid / I love you, no, I adore you, my beauty

Miram Badalal smiled and then slowly pushed him and swam away from him

Ragrid for himself (Sabra Ragrid , so you have a room that closes you), then he followed her and put his hand around her waist so that he would swim together

In another place in the kingdom, the magician stands closely following the reactions of everyone to the presence of mankind to the kingdom, then smiled and chanted himself (it is time) and then set off for the corridor leading to the Holy Land

Magician / Asin ... Asin

Asen / you ..... Has anything happened to her?

Magician / The time has come that she is in the kingdom

Asin / No, it cannot be that she is still weak. She has not ripened. Some pain has promised me that I surrender myself to the judge and you exchange your body with the magician. Nobody will harm my daughter

Magician / My silence, you know that everything is recorded here. Praise be to God that I controlled the tape recorder before. Asin, how can I know that without Poplar Al Bahar, Evan falls in love with your daughter and we have nothing but to wait for events

Esin / What are you waiting for? You must get me out of here so that I search for the Houry that is written about the prophecy. If you cannot, I will not leave my daughter as a prey for them

Magician / No one has recognized her after I give me more time and I promise you I will find the Houry and do not worry I am next to Maysin and Ivan loves her and he will not let anything happen to her

Asin / 7 days you only have 7 days and you know what I can do?

Magician / I know I know, you are the real Queen, not this deceiver

Asen / What about your wife, did you tell anyone?

Magician / No, no, she is silent, even though she almost collapsed today, but regains herself at the right time. Come on, I will go now

The magician is gone, leaving Asen seething with anger and threatening the judge