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The Depths of Atlantic chapter 8 , 9 , 10


The Depths of the Atlantic

The Depths of the Atlantic

By Asmaa Nada

Chapter 8

 ###### END F. B. #####

Ragrid / No, this bastard will not hurt Miram and leave her , be happy with a mermaid. I will kill his mermaid if necessary.

 Evan / Mad, you are nothing between them, Miram, you have not loved anyone but you, you idiot

Ragrid Screaming / You did not hear what I heard you did not see

 Evan / Tell me , wouldn't you have understood you wrong?

 Ragrid and tears have filled his eyes/nothing to do with you ... I will talk to you first

 Recreated out of the library quickly, followed by Evan, trying to understand and prevent his brother from being reckless to his mistaken suspicion.

Ragrid quickly exits the library, followed by Evan, trying to understand and prevent his brother from being reckless to his mistaken suspicion.

 Ragrid went to the palace garden where Brak and Houria were sitting, and Miram joined them and stood, angry eating him

 Ragrid / Braque I want to talk to you alone Do you come?

 Barak looked at Ivan, then at Ragrid, and before he spoke, Miram ran up and said

 Miram / You do not have the right to talk about me Ragrad, because I am not your wife. You remember this is true. You did not ask me or investigate your doubts in the past, so you do not have the right to interfere with my life now

 I’m talking to Barak. You have nothing to do with this, Miram

 Barak / Calm down, I don't know what's wrong with you, but let's talk inside.

 Ragrid moved and his eye did not turn away from Miriam's eye, which looked at him with defiance, and Barak and Evan followed him. As for Huriyya, she grabbed Maram's hand and sat her saying

 Houria / I did not leave you this time unless you tell me what happened honestly between you after your love story, which every poplar in the Seven Seas wants to separate

 Miram / Oh our love story, yes, which a fool blew up with unfounded doubts

 Nymph / Any doubts?

 Miram sighed and returned with her back leaning on the trunk of a tree, sitting together underneath her, then she closed her eyes and began to narrate how their love was.

 Miram / You know, Houria, that Rakrid is two years older than me, and when I reached the age of twelve, wars were going on between the kings of the seas, some of them were supporters of humans and some of them were hostile to humans. My father was a supporter of mankind. Something about her so far, but Rakrid broke his father’s orders and he used to come at night to our palace located on the island of the wise men, where my father chose to live on land in the middle of the human world in his human form. He used to take me to the kingdom. Taught me to hunt for food

Miriam laughed loudly and then continued / oh I remember that day when we were sitting inside his sleeping shell and we did not feel King Farwan approaching the room, but we did not feel until he entered and stood next to the shell, Ragrad was lying on his back and I put my face with his chest trying to nibble my teeth while he was holding My face is pushing me away and the sound of laughter resounds in the water like the sound of dancing whales at the time of mating, and if the king is pulling me from my hair back

 ###### F. B. #####

 King Farwan / What are you doing, sardine fish?

 Miram / Mmmm's uncle is hungry, he kidnapped me and did not feed me

 Ragrid / What ...... Do not believe her, Dad, she came with me with complete will

 Miram / If completely, I will return to my father and not come again

 Farwan / If he does not kidnap you, he will. I, come on, come with me, there is no return with your father, this supporter of mankind

 Miram looks at Rakrid angrily, and he gets up and stands in front of his father, saying

 Ragrid / You won't do this daddy I'm also a rack supporter for humans, let's go jail with it

 Farawan / Whoever said that I will imprison her, stupid is the daughter of my little brother. Yes, I disagree with him, but I will not allow anyone to harm his daughter, but if you have to do this, then you. Palace guards

 One of the guards rushed in and stopped next to Ragrid

 The guard / yes sir

 Farwan / Take the prince and throw him in the deepest prisons of the kingdom

Ragrid / What will I jail

 The guard with a smile / Come on with me, Prince, don't force me to use force

 Ragrid looked at the guard / Are you happy to do this? Remember your happiness will not last when I cut off the tail fin? Move away

 Then Ragrid looked at his father, who was leaving his arms on Miriam's shoulder and whispering to her something that made her laugh

 Ragrid / Stay away from it, my father, it is mine

 Miram / Why !! Do I have something that has Rachid

 Farwan / She doesn't like you Ragrid, and I will marry her to one of your brothers

 Ragrid / Miram my love, you are a precious jewel in my heart, but you are my father. Which of my brothers would you like his death at my hand

 Farwan / When you get back from prison, I will tell you to go with the guard

 Ragrid / Why will I be imprisoned, O king? What sin have I committed? Is it because I loved her or because I did not obey the orders

 Farwan / Love is not a sin or a structural mistake, but not following the principles and traditions and breaking the king’s orders is a sin. Your cousin’s daughter was kidnapped and went out to land, and perhaps a human being rode this way.

 Miram / One day, my uncle, for me

 Ragrid / I didn't hijack her

 Miram raises one of her eyebrows / If I make it a week, O king

 Ragrid / No, I will not bear to be away from you. Yes, I kidnapped her, my father, and I want to marry her. Will you reconcile with my uncle for us?

 Evan enters the room whistling

 Evan / Miram is here and the guard is behind my brother Ops and my father is here

 If I run away, where is the door?

 Ragrid / Come, the owner of the idea, you will be imprisoned with me. Isn't your idea that I kidnap her and marry her and put my father and her father in front of the status quo

 Evan / I said my father and her father, not your father alone, then the confrontation is supposed tomorrow after you get married and not now

 Farwan / You are the one who advised him if

 Evan / Who am I, no, I did not understand a mistake. I told him to ask her father for her hand first, not to kidnap her

 Farwan / Evan lied and learned the punishment for lying

 Ragrid / Yes punished him too but after my marriage

 Farwan stood up and went to them, then grabbed their ears / When lies and deceit, and she is your cousin, not human

 MIRAM / Oh, my blindness, and if you were human, you would not be held accountable for a world that was completed by one person’s mistake, and then the war between you, you are the poplar now, human beings have nothing to learn with.

Then Miram ran out of the room, but rather from the palace. As for Rakred, he shouted to his father

 Ragrid / If the war does not stop, I will not marry her and will not marry someone else, but I will go live among humans far from all of you, Father

 ########### End F.B. #####

Chapter 9

 Houria / Tamam. We all know that at that time Rakred tried to commit suicide because your father locked hem in his room and refused to marry him, especially when King Farwan stipulated that they return to life with water

 Miram / But Ivan intervened and gathered all the kings of the seas, including my father, and he made a treaty, brought the Bible, and amended some laws that allow dealing with humans, but in a hidden way, and not showing our original identity without being harmed by them. A human being or a human being is forced to live underwater or in the Holy Land and does not deal with the people of his race again as he announces his death among human beings and so we got married and I and Ragrad and once months happily I did not and will not live like her again

 Nymph / Yes, here we have arrived, what happened to turn the love for this hostility between you

Miram released a sigh of pain and then said / One day I went out from the sea to see my girlfriend on the island of the wise men in which I used to live before my marriage and she is located in the direction of the Pacific Ocean, meaning that it is located within the borders of your kingdom, but of course, there is a law of non-contact with humans, so I used to go without the knowledge of anyone but Evan because He helped me a lot of times to go and hide the matter from everyone, and on this day Ivan was with me and Ragrad was a faraway traveler and upon our return, I was telling Ivan about my girlfriend and what happened between us and I was laughing from my heart and at the door of the palace after I entered, I Barack called Evan from the back, so he returned to him as I continued my way To the palace, and after I entered and got ready to sleep, I was surprised by the entry of Raccid, and anger filled the face and kept breaking the foundation of the room and shook

 Saying that I am a traitor and that he cannot inflict punishment even if he wants, his heart will not allow him to do so, then he divorced me and said, Go to him if your happiness is with him

 Houry / with whom and how a traitor and what is the evidence?

 Miram / He did not investigate and did not give me evidence, and even he did not give me the right to defend myself. He just issued his judgment and left me and moved to another room, so I took my heart and deported him here. I set up a call against him and I will not allow him to marry someone else. It is forbidden to marry someone else and be forced to reside with me if I want this

 Houryah / Will after he accused you, will you want this to live with him and he suspects you but was forced to live with you?

 Miram sadly / I will prove my innocence and leave

 Hour / Where to?

 She closed her eyes and tears streaming down like a strong waterfall. She did not answer, but returned with her head back and let her imagination return to that day.

 In another place inside the reception palace, Ragrad stands facing Barak, and on his negligence, he strikes his fist so that Barak falls to the ground, and Ivan hastens to grab Ragrad and sees them as Sereen and speed comes and helps Barak to get up

Barak / What is your problem with Arcade? I do not understand this transformation. We have been close friends for years, but this changed only six months ago. I did not give me a clear reason now. What did I answer?

 Evan whispering in Ragrid's ear / Don't say something you'll regret of afterward Rakrid looks to Evan, in a low whispering voice, so that Siren does not hear him / This bastard, after he deluded Miriam with his love, left her and married a mermaid into becoming a king one day

 Evan, Ragrid angrily pushed and said sarcastically, "What nonsense is Ragrid saying? Listen to yourself, man, Mmm Mmm. Barak. He loves a nymph since her fingernails are very young. I and Miriam know this before until you marry Miriam, for she knows his love for his mermaid."

 "You didn't see what I saw with my eyes or hear what I heard," said Rakred

 Barak and he had heard what Ragrid said in a whisper to Evan, for he had approached after he had pushed Siren away and grabbed the trellis planters and managed him and said

 Braque / tell me what you see? Here or what did you hear to know how this stupid idea was formed in your head? This is, you bastard who does not deserve the presence of a woman like Miram in his life, but hey, and if I heard something, how can you believe him if you ask her or ask me, even you idiot that she is five years older than you, how can he be between me And something between them

 Ragrid, as he wrapped around him, trying to find something to break before breaking Barak's head, murmuring

 Ragrid / Still lying Really How I despise you more now Brak

 No, I will not wait for the trial, I will kill you with hand

 Evan rushes to stand between them and pushes both of them away so as not to hit each other by entering Miram, Houria, and Siren, who was rushing out and calling the girls, and Ragrad was still talking while trying to hit Barak

Ragrid / Yes, I heard her talking to you when I came back from the last hunting expedition that I left six months ago. I heard her talking to you at the door of the palace. I did not see you, but I heard her words still engraved in my heart like the dagger that he stitched to you. .......... Yes, bye, honey. Here is her lover, isn't it?

 Evan / did you hear Barak responding to her, did you hear his voice?

 Ragrid / No, I did not hear him, and when I need to hear him if you went outside after entering our room, he was outside the palace and he was standing with you

 Before Evan answered, Miram was standing before him and slapped him severely, with tears streaming down their eyes

 Miram / If you at that time confronted me and asked with whom I was talking, we were not here today. We did not part because of your incorrect suspicion. Building on some words that you do not know to whom until you said them canceled today I was fighting to get you back, but now I will stop and leave and leave you with the fire of your ignorance eat your heart

 Then she ran to the elevator, leaving Ragrid, looking at her tracks, and after moments of silence, Barak spoke, cutting off the silence.

 Barak / join her or you will regret the rest of your life. I have loved Houria since the day she was born, and Miram was never except for my older sister, whom I respect and admire and resort to her to reconcile between us. I do not know who Miriam said these words, but I trust that I was sure someone was nothing more From a brother because the Seven Seas testifies to her love for you, you idiot

 Then Houry embraced and moved towards the outside of the palace. As for Rakred, he did not wait any longer and faster to catch Miram

 Evan smiled and looked at a ragdoll effect and muttered in a faint voice

 Evan / Miram will re-plan the features of your life Rakred

 Siren / I think her anger will not last long, as she loves him

 Evan responded with a smile only to Siren's words, then he turned back to the office, gesturing with his hand to her goodbye, so I hastened to speak.

 Serene / Where do you not want us to sit together like in the old days?

 Evan / Of course I am happy with this, but there is a trial and I want to study some things before tomorrow

 Serene / I can help you because here I am responsible for arranging and organizing the library

 Evan, while looking away from her to hide his anger, he said

 Evan / Tammam, come to the library

 They headed together and she was deliberately approaching him with steps

 Serene for herself (We'll see how your teenage feeling will hold up with this brown, as your father said)

 Evan for himself (When does this dimension come to an end, my little one, I long to see your hair flying from the effect of the breeze of the air and your eyes that resemble the morning coffee, and this smile that shines the sun of my life. How much I miss the smell of the breezes that carry your breath to my sun)

 In a Miram room, she was embracing the pillow, tears falling from her eye, trying to silence the sound of her crying while listening to Ragrid, who was standing behind the door of the room from the outside, pleading with her to open the door for him

 I can't find words to intercede for me to pardon

 Myriam / The confusion of the relationship between us and the mixing of things are delusions made by your disordered mind and confused insight, by your lack of confidence that all things are clear but you preferred not to see.

 Ragrid /




On the laws of the Bible in the Kingdom of the Seven Seas, and the officers appointed in his absence raises their hands

Evan and Anwar and Ragrad raised their hands, and the judge continued

Judge / Rakhwan's lawyer comes first and speaks

Serene advanced as Evan returned to his seat

Sirin / After the due salutation to the judge and the jury, and the duty to greet the king, I would like to deny the accusation of transgressing the treaty on peace between the Mamluks on behalf of Prince Rakhwan and present papers that prove that he took the permission to attack Prince Barak, arrest him and bring him to trial on charges of transgressing the sacred law by issuing an order Intermarriage and residence on land among mankind is such that he can do this because he is one of the guards assigned to work under the hands of those responsible for protecting the laws of the Bible. As an incentive to surrender Prince Barak himself

Princess Houria raised her hand and the requests to speak, the judge asked her to come forward

Houria / I hope that my accusation against Prince Rakhwan of attempting to physically transgress my refusal to marry him and my preference to marry Prince Barak, and this recording is evidence of what happened on the island the day I was kidnapped

Siren turned around and looked at Rakhwan, who placed his hand on his face when Barak revolted and attacked him to hit Rakhwan, but Ragrad held him until he calmed down and after a few minutes the judge ordered her until everyone calmed down. The judge ordered the Hajjeb to play the recording on the board in front of the jury, which was

####Registration ###

It appears that "a nymph is sitting in the garden of a palace on a human like , being with some human food in front of her and holding a cup of drink in her hand, then it appears that Barak entered lonely behind maid without any guards

Rakhwan / Did you think that " you going out from the ocean to here will prevent me from reaching you?

Houria / You have nothing to do for me Rakhwan, but because you know our choice to live here is only to limit any war that flares up again between the Mamelukes and we are the cause of it and not fear you, you idiot

Rakhwan / Thus, the war brought me to a halt by marrying this unknown parentage, and I am the successor to the king

Houria / You know that Barak's knowledge of your arrival here will kill you, and you have no price because you are in his land

Rakhwan / If I make my dead at the most expensive price

Rakhwan tried to attack her, but she was faster in self-defense and hit him to fall on the special ground. He was still unbalanced to change his body from Houri to Bushra, so he pressed a button inside the ring, so the guards came quickly, behind them the maids

Barak / Judge her because it prevents the implementation of the law, and you servant, tell your master if he wants his wife to surrender himself to the trial

################## Registration ends ###

The judge angrily stood up, announcing the dropping of the charges against Houria and Barak, and the ruling against Rakhwan that he was not entitled to the succession after his father for 10 years

The judge / given the accusation of transgressing the law of the Bible and according to the papers submitted by King Farwan and this recording that shows the appearance of Princess Houria in human form among people. The Red Sea and the taking of a charter not to confront the princess again or he will be tried for attempting to harm and she is sentenced to death by linking to the shark ...

The judge came out with an eyebrow behind him from the back door of the hall and the jury sold him and they looked angrily towards Rakhwan and Barak almost attacked Rakhwan again, but the king entered and stood in front of him

King: Calm down, the judge has ruled, it's over, now

Evan Whisper to Raccred / your father sent us here just to meet Siren and the case officer was with Houria's father already, right?

Arcade / I didn't know that but this is now apparent

Lights / No guess, I am the one who gave the message of the King of Kings since I entered the hall and gave the recording to a nymph because she was not aware of it

Barak / Where did your father get the registration?

Anwar / The credit goes to Princess Miram, because she designed the palaces on the island of Brak. Or did she forget that she made a requirement for Evan when he asked her to design the island palaces for ......

Evan put his hand on Anwar's mouth to prevent him from continuing his speech, but Ragdeed's quick wit made him shout out loud.

Ragrid / Curse, the curse on me, if you are Evan, who used to talk that night, curse, of course, she does not say my love except to you because she sees you as her spoiled little brother.

Evan / rather, damn Anwar, because you understood without effort to search, and now you will think Miram told you

Anwar / Don't say that this is the reason for your separation from her, you stupid

Barak / Awwooh that day when I got out of the palace like crazy and nearly killed me had it not been for Miram to enter and defend me, you bastard, you thought that she was talking to me if Evan was her spoiled brother and he was my age, how I am her lover crazy you

Ragrid / Yes, I am the crazy stupid who deserves to die

Anwar with a smile / and a despicable one, I forgot her. Come on, she is going to her father's palace on the mainland and you are forbidden to go up to the land, remember?

Arcade / Evan, you have what you want, come on, I will not right her before she goes up to the land. Come on, my little brother

Evan approached him and whispered / Serene

Ragrid / Don't bear her grief and I'll bless your marriage to Cinderella

Evan / You will do exactly what I tell the judge

Ragrid / I know I'll regret it, but for it, I will

Even / If