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The Depths of the Atlantic chapter 28,,29

The Depths of the Atlantic by Asmaa Nada

The Depths of the Atlantic 

by Asmaa Nada

Chapter 28

Yamen / Certainly my love, but wait until the verdict is proven to Farwan and also his son Evan is trying to gather the rest of the kingdoms of the sea. Isn't it better for us to wait for you to be the Queen of the Seven Seas

Aphrodite / Yes, yes, this is more beautiful, but you only know where my little daughter Rama has gone

Yramon / Don't worry, Ras sent her to Wisdom Island as the wife of one of our brothers. You know that she loves people and she is beautiful and looks like you a lot

Ivan's horizons When the palace started changing its image and its events quickly, he hastened to leave the palace and when he left, he discovered from the temporary in his hand that three days had passed while he was inside the palace, so he tried to move to the Kingdom of the Seven Seas, but there was no transition. This was returned because it was still close to the enchanted palace, so he swam away

In the corridor prison, Asen sits as she has done over the past years, even if the judge passes and finds her as she is, then gives more time to Ivan, thinking that she is protecting her daughter, Myassin, and she does not know that she put Siren in the same house with her daughter, meaning she put the danger in itself next to Meyasin

In the bedroom on the island of wisdom, where Serene rests on the bed, remembering her mother's words to her#


Serene, mother / little daughter, you are the one who will rule the world. Your grandmother has put in you multiple supernatural abilities other than the one she inherited from me, and I will teach you how to use it. Not only that, but I will teach you all the magic methods that I learned from my father Raman, as he learned it from his lover and the wife of Ras and so on. You are 10 times stronger than Asin

Seeing with a laugh /so, queen, stolen the king, where did you take me? Nations of the land of mankind, then this is your dear husband, and here your daughter stays. Is it not appropriate to meet the princess and heir to power?

Serene got up and got out from the bottom of the dress, a small brown cube that she was putting inside a hidden place in the dress from the inside, then opened the cube to get out her gestures (a pen to write on the blackboard in old schools) then she drew on one of the walls a door the size of her body and then drew some geometry shapes on it and cast magic spells on it. It opens so that it becomes a real door that you can exit from and you are surprised that Maysin sitting in the hut garden holds tools for drawing and drawing Evan's face

Serene with exclamation marks on her face (If you are Asen's daughter and Evan's girlfriend, damn then he really is the desired Houry)

Siren laughed at the place, vowing to kill her and make Ivan drink from her blood

Siren got up and took out from the bottom of the dress a small brown cube that she was putting inside a hidden place in the dress from the inside, then opened the cube to get chalk out of it (a pen to write on the blackboard in old schools) then she drew a door the size of her body on one of the walls and then drew some geometric shapes on it, she cast magic spells. With it it opens so that it becomes a real door that you can exit from and you are surprised that Miasin sitting in the garden of the hut holds tools for drawing and drawing Evan's face

Serene with exclamation marks on her face (if you are Asen's daughter and Evan's girlfriend, fuck then he really is the desired Houry)

Siren laughed at the place as she vowed to kill her and make Evan drink of her blood

Myaseen turned around as soon as she heard the sound of laughter

To be surprised that Siren is coming down the stairs heading for her while she's still laughing loudly.

Mayaseen / Welcome inside my house!

Siren / How hospitable are you and your mother?

Myassin / My mother and where is she? Are you dreaming or is this the effect of air on your brain cells!

Siren laughing / Really don't know that your mother Asien brought me here thinking that she protects you. Wouldn't it be better for you to stay on the island that your lover Evan created for you?

Mayaseen / I don't know what are you talking about? But if you thought you could hurt me here, then this is your sick imagination!

The sage's voice rang out from behind / How did you get out from above?

Siren / Oh, if Asen told you with this foolish message that I will kill your daughter, but with the enchanted room that you planted in the heart of the island, I will not be able to use my powers, but she does not know that I have the same magic and I can cancel the magic of this room and regain my strength like this!

Then Serene took out its coral from the cube and hit it on the ground until it branched quickly and turned into a small tree with extended origins, so that Serene's powers returned to it, but also Myassin felt a different thing inside her, but appeared like a protection circle around her body and her body began to transform

Siren laughing / Really, you have not yet prayed for an adult aspen, I will not have to kill you, but how do I get to your body now, the curse?

Hakim / My daughter, use your mother's powers and move with your mind, to a safe place in the water where you are with Prince Evan now.

Indeed, Myassin closed her eyes and tried to remember Evan's room, but Serene did not let her focus and began to speak.

Siren / Come on, remember and go from here, but bid farewell to your dear father, I will separate his head from his body

Myassin opened her eyes and found Sirene standing behind her father, but she could not reach him, but she heard a voice that looked like he was speaking inside her head.

Voice / You will not be able to harm the wise, do not worry. Come near and hug him, and I will transport you

Chapter 29

Meyasin quickly approached and extended her arm until her father embraced them, and here Serene also embraced them, to move all of them into the water in the corridor area, where Siren transformed to her original shape and found a gap around Serene, so she sped up with one of her octopus-like foot on Myassin's foot wound and sent poison inside, put Miasin into a deep sleep and lost Control and her body began to sink, an asin appeared, and she embraced her daughter and grabbed the wise and moved to the place of treatment inside the kingdom. She stands next to the treatment basin and the doctor is administering an antivenom to myocin

Doctor / Praise be to God, her body has the ability to self-treat, it will not be affected by the poison, but she will not wake up for 3 days, she is still young, but the grass that she needs to stay out of the water in the world of poplar

Asin did not comment on the doctor’s words, but she knows that mycin is under the water and that she is not fully developed, some danger that neither the human witch nor her granddaughter Siren will leave her.

Hakim (Prime) / What will Assen do? How long will you not try to take back your possession in the past? It was to protect your brothers and their children, and I did not object despite the mother, the separation, hoping that our daughter would mature and return to your homeland and fight to get you back, as I understood from your brother in the past, but now it is your daughter who sleeps here

Assin / the doctor told me that she has three days before she wakes up, but we will not be able to stay here and I cannot return it to the land without the herbs Damn and the herbs that I took from my grandmother, the queen mother, are executed and no one can pass through the gate other than the Hour of the prophecy and we do not know who it is

Hakim (Prime) / No, there is no other solution?

Asin / That wars between our generations and the generations of the original poplar return, meaning we go back to before the agreement that Farwan executed with Yraman and Ras and this snake and her granddaughter Sirin

Al-Hakim / Until Myassin wakes up, and then what should I do? I will not stand silent anymore asin, unless you can transport myasin in this basin full of water to the island and I will change the water inside it

Asin / Al-Jazeera is not safe. You messed up Siren

In our house

Hakim (Prime) / Why didn't you wait for her time to talk to me?

Asen / Because among the treaty that I signed that I refrain from seeing you and the despicable judge can, I saw everything I see

Hakim (Prime) / So he knows I'm here with Myaseen

Assin / Yes, and he will attend anytime. I know this, but I want to transfer you and Mayaseen to a place that I do not know until he does not reach you, but how do I not know

Hakim (Prime) / How did you communicate with Myaseen on the mainland today

Asen / Via Mind Telepathy All Poplar has this ability

Hakim (Prime) / If I connect with Evan

Asen / No, I can't. It's out of here now

Hakim (Prime) / What about Miram and the ruler does not know that I know that he is my brother

Asen / I will try to communicate with Ragrid he knows I'm still alive

Asen closed her eyes and tried to communicate with Ragrid , who was standing among a large group of guards, spreading them around the island that Evan had built and now all the mermaids of the kingdom after he had brought them lights to empty a large part of the ocean from any mermaid or child who could not fight

And Miram gathered Ferwan's sisters, including her father and senior kings, in the rest of the oceans and seas within the Kingdom of the Seven Seas Kingdoms in the King's Hall, but no one told Farwan (the fake king)

During this, the magician (the real king Farwan) was meeting with Yraman and Ras and the current judge and the fake king (who is the real magician) Serene the mother and Siren the daughter trying to distract everyone from what Ragrid , Evan and Anwar are planning for

Meanwhile, Evan was on his way back to the island, which he thought Miasin was still on as he left it, but he was surprised by the presence of everyone except Miyasin who was agitated and cried out in pain because he knew that there are those who lie in wait for this snake, the granddaughter of Aphrodite, the witch of mankind, but he does not know that she is the mother Serene whom everyone thinks is dead Except he and Ragrid know that she is still alive, mother of Sirin her daughter

Ragrid / Evan is silent, someone is trying to communicate with me and I can't connect with his mind or her mind. Damn she's Aunt Asen

Asin succeeded in contacting Ragrid and told him what had happened and Maysin was injured, and she asked him to come before Yraman and his son discovered her presence in the water.

Ragrid / Anwar, wait for you and the guards here until we return Evan. Come on. Cinderella. The humans need you. Take us to the treatment hospital. They are there.

Evan hugged him and moved where Asen was to leave Ragrid and approach the treated water pool while he shouted

Evan / Why ??. How did that happen?

Asin recounted what happened from Sirene's escape until he got here

Evan / No, no, I will not wait for this Houry to appear, my aunt, I know that you paid me half of your abilities, but also Ragrid possesses the abilities of the daughter of the Queen Mother, who did not betray your father and leave him as we understood, but she was killed by the head of one of the wars, and no one knew about the disappearance of my father’s wife’s mother, The rest

Ragrid / what does her disappearance mean? You left her with the rest on your private island?

Assin / This is her younger sister, but I do not have evidence of that

Al-Hakim (Prime) / Now we move Mayaseen to a safe place, then we arrange what happened, and what information does everyone have that you want to confront the original poplar?

Assin / Yes, yes, you are right, but I must not see where they are. Ramen can see what I see

Ragrid / Can it also listen?

Asen / no magic power has only image navigation

Ragrid / Good Look at any wall and listen carefully if it is

Asen turned and looked at one of the non-glass walls so that they did not reflect the picture

Ragrid / Evan you and I take Myassin in the basin to your island and then come back together with lights. You are the husband of Asen and my aunt, I and Anwar take us to the ruling hall in the kingdom where everyone meets and then you come to us.

Evan approached the basin and grabbed one side to hold Ragrid from the other side and moved to the center of the palace near the water on the island of Miyasin, and this is what he called its name, then he took Anwar and carried out the rest of what he had planned, but Evan increased by transferring the doctor with the sage to the island of Miacin