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The Depths of the Atlantic by Asmaa Nada chapter 42,43

The Depths of the Atlantic by Asmaa Nada

 Chapter 42

But the gate did not accept more closely, and its shape and color began to change into the shape of a human eye, gradient in the colors of the blue sky saturated with a brownish-red color. They became like a blue butterfly. As for the lights, he pulled Ivan to the back next to Ragrid, who had surpassed and sat above the water's surface.

Ragrid/ If neither me nor you fuck

Evan / Because I surrender I will pass through this curse even if my life is over

Asen after the merger is separated / Why not try together?

Anwar / You must make your decision together. As for we, we will go to the island of the wise men. A distress has come from there. Come on, all of them and leave them.

Asin / What shouldn't I stay with them

Anwar / Your brother, Miram's father, all of you said, he needs us there, especially since Serene was able to pass to Myaseen while they were alone inside the house, and no one could pass because of the protection that Serene put in place

Then Anwar and all those with him moved, leaving Ragrid and Evan sitting to think about what to do. As for the Island of the Wise, they were in a state of division of a group facing the attackers from the sea and a group trying to find a gap in the firewall to pass to the interior, so even mobility could not be used by anyone, but inside the house where Maysin sits in The bottom of the lake is unconscious. Sirene moves freely, and she boasts of the success of the scheme that she and Aphrodite, completely ignorant of the death of Aphrodite, speaks to herself loudly.

Serene is among her laughs / Here I am Aphrodite, I succeeded in entering the heart of the island and prevented them from passing, and I will come to you with the blood of this bastard, which he preferred to Evan, and you are my dear. Did I think that you would return to the kingdom and know your origins? It will change something. I know you are ignorant of the extent of your abilities, but you know, I will tell you who your mother’s father is. With general paralysis, you can hear well, but you cannot move, not even open your eyes, so I will tell you all the facts, the first of which is who your mother is?

Asin the princess is the sister of the Queen Mother. Yes, she is her sister, not her daughter, as everyone thinks. She is the king of the marine beauty, who does not age before the age of youth. She has the same powers as the Queen Mother, except that she chose to give up everything in order to win her lover and your father, who in fact is younger than her by decades, not years, but Love, dear, makes us lose reason and wisdom. The only person who knew the truth was Rubian, Farwan's father, that is, the grandfather of your sweetheart, Evan.

 Here I must tell you that since you are her only daughter, then you inherited all the powers of the queen mother. Do you know why? Because Aphrodite killed the queen mother and imprisoned Asen for years and years, she was the one who controlled the worlds, but she could not kill Asen, this will expose the killing of the queen mother and leave all The powers are to you, but my dear mother, in fact, for your protection, she gave up the king to Farwan, and this made the royal abilities of the Queen Mother move to you, and if this stupid mother of Arcade had killed Essene before her leaving to marry your father, Aphrodite would now be the queen mother, and I was the princess who would rule all Kingdoms after my marriage to Evan, but damn Ivan’s mother, and damn the queen mother who made the gate and the prophecy of the cursed poplar, which is supposed to be a merged fairy from Evan and Ragrid, and this is what no one knows because Aphrodite has tampered with the memories of the enchanted palace and made him lose the rest of the prophecy. I saw, your lover, will not be able to save you. And now I will let you die with so much pain. Only I will throw these drugs with water that will make your bones crumble and then float your body up and then I will take you out of the water and get blood and somehow make Evan drink it. Don't worry. I find his way. And one last thing, the only solution to be able to move is to cross the gate and Ivan tear the enchanted book, I mean the holy book.

During Serene's conversation, Myassin was trying in her mind to telepathic with Evan, but she could not, no matter what she tried, her body did not respond, but in front of the gate was Ragrid and Evan both of them trying to approach the gate and the gate responded with a strong attack on them, then they moved away and turned back. Evan shouted while sitting on the surface of the water.

Evan / What should we do? Should I let her die or let this curse kill me?

Ragrid/ I don’t know. My mind has blown off thinking and the tricks are over when I wait for us to calm down and try again. I get distracted by the gate as you approach

Evan / Well while at rest I will pick up Anwar to see what things are there

Indeed, Ivan started sneaking with lights while he was able to hear Miram's voice screaming there

Miram / shut up, it is my two days trying to reach someone I do not know through telepathy#

Chapter 43

Myassin failed again and again, but while trying to remember that she was able to see from the memory of Maram the place of Ragrid when he was injured, then why not try to transfer the last of what her memory has now preserved, from Siren’s words to Miram. In any case, she will not lose much if she tried. Indeed, Mayaseen began trying to access memory. Miram and convey the words of Sirin to her

Miram fell to the ground and held her head, then she lost consciousness and her body was stiff, but her mind began to remember the last events, and indeed here Mayaseen succeeded in conveying Sirin's words to her.

As for Anwar, when Miram shouted, Evan cut off his head after telling him not to reach Ragrid, what he had listened to, then approached Asgen, who sat trying to help Miram, and it was only moments, and Miram opened her eyes and recounted all that she remembered from Mayasin's mind and Serene's words.

Miram / If you are not my aunt but rather you are the grandmother you are now the Queen Mother, but without all your powers

Asin / This is not the time to speak now. Any substance permeates her body and she can transform without movement, and this will add some time to her until Evan succeeds in tearing the book.

Indeed, Miram closed her eyes until she transferred her memory to Maysin and learned what Asin said. As for songs that quickly moved to the whereabouts of Evan and Ragrid, who were preparing to attack the gate again, she shouted at them.

Hymns / Merge together and be a giant fairy now, and after Evan passes you to tear the book in order to free Maysin, it has nothing in it that only you can not move

Evan smiled and rushed to approach Ragrid, and each of them began to put his hand on the head of the other and transfer his abilities to the other. Indeed, their bodies began to coalesce, consisting of a giant nautical component with four arms and a distinctive Ragrid tail with a sharp fan and Evan's arms, which featured combat drawings of ancient Poplar fighters, and a dragon appeared behind them. With wings broadcasting fire from its mouth, and in the body of a long snake, and when they approached, the gate returned to its first shape and the sound of lightning was silent, then began to show ripples inside the circle, and then a large void appeared in the middle, two rakuvans (the combined houris) passed from inside the circle to appear behind the gate a giant lake in which many and many swim Poplar al-Bahr, as if they did not know anything about the rest of the world, but when they noticed to enter Rukovan, they gathered and bowed in respect for him, and then the oldest of them advanced and spoke

Sun al-Poplar / Peace be upon you, Rakufan. I am calling Minali, and I am the deputy of the Queen Mother. We were all waiting for you to pass to us, but where is Queen Mother Asin when she did not come with you and when the delay came after sending the book of laws.

Recreated and Evan separated the merger and returned to their natural fairy-tale form, and Miram moved to the Taranim site before the gate and was able to chat with Arcade and tell him with Sirin's words

Ragrid/ Aphrodite deceived everyone, killed the Queen Mother and imprisoned Princess Asen for years, with which she convinced the Poplar people that the Queen Mother lives here and she sends judgment decisions to the king, head of her deputy, of her choice

Menali / Indeed, if we knew this, we would have crossed to the rescue of Queen Asen, but we are here to isolate him after the first Queen Mother agreed with the human witch to protect the original race of Poplar

Evan / Where's the enchanted book?

Minali / Come back

Minali swam in the direction of a waterfall falling from the top as if he was falling from the sky at a high altitude and passed through him, Evan and Ragrid behind him appeared behind the waterfall. A cave when you see it for the first time you think that its walls are of glass, but when he put his hand on one of the walls, he found a reflection of the light of the pearl in the middle. The cave, Ivan approached the pearl, which the more he approached it, the more it became in size and became a crystal, and inside it was the enchanted book.

Minali / He will not be able to produce the book except Houry of Prophethood, which one is he?

Evan / We don't know who of us

Arcade / wait, Evan will try first so nothing happens to you my little brother

Minali for himself / sacrifice is one of the characteristics of Hourly

Evan / La Ragrid You have always progressed in everything Leave me this time never

Ragrid did not wait for Evan's response, but approached the crystal and tried to hold it, but he stiffened in place and his hands began to turn into a rocky shape here. Evan moved and grabbed the crystal trying to take it from him.

Minali loudly / The courage and sacrifice are two attributes to break the crystal, and you and each of you have a characteristic of her, but Evan possesses the magic of pure love that is not tainted by any doubt, he is the Houry of prophecy

Evan began to tear the book and felt that his heartbeat was increasing, and with the tearing of the last paper of the book, a large picture appeared on one of the walls of his sweetheart Myassin in her royal full form asleep in the depth of a lake and standing outside the lake Serene filled with anger screaming

Siren / How can you turn while you are so helpless? Damn, how do I now kill her when I can't get off to her because of these drugs?

Myassin sounded as she lifted her body out of the water and clung to the air over the lake, then opened her eyes


Mayaseen / If you cannot come down to me, I will go out for you. How many opportunity did I give you to leave and go away, but you always insisted on killing me?

Serene / I will do this

Siren threw a spear towards Maysin, but she managed to avoid it, and Maysin issued an arrow of lightning that came out from her hands towards Sirin, who also moved away from him, but Maysin did not slow down and strengthened to think, and she threw another spear that passed by Maysin’s foot that almost hit her. Miyasin joined her hand to her chest and then threw a volcanic ball towards Sirin. She followed her with an arrow that hit her heart, then quickly pulled out two wings from her back, and she quickly approached Siren using the claws of her hand and pulled her head off her body and sat next to her crying

Mayaseen / I never wanted to harm anyone, but you have exhausted all solutions

With the death of Siren, the protection around the house ended, and Myassin rushed to go outside, returning her body to her human form, and at the same time the gate disappeared, the Poplar world merged with the Holy Island and all the royal powers returned to Asin and she became the Queen Mother.