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The Depths of the Atlantic chapter 24, 25

The Depths of the Atlantic

The Depths of the Atlantic

By Asmaa Nada

 Chapter 24

Which is in the form of rooms above some of its component several floors and there is a huge column branched out of it with stairs resembling the feet of an octopus and the top of the column there is a huge machine that changes the places of the stairs every two years and the strange thing is that it is still working despite its presence in the depths of the ocean, Ivan approached a room on the ground floor is dark and as soon as he passed inside until I lit up and changed the look of the reception hall from dark to light Evan in for himself (Does the palace bring back my past or my presence here is what brings back some memories of the past)

Evan noticed that one of the walls of the room looked like glass, and behind it a strange marine world, despite the presence of water behind the glass, but trees and flowers appear as if it were a garden under the water Evan approached and put his hand on the glass to immediately appear a reflection image of him, but with two feet like a person, then the image smiled and retreated back Evan's hair In pain in his head, then he heard the reflected image talking, yes, talking to him

Reflection of the image / No one has the ability to activate these events except the Hour of Prophecy. If you are this Houry then you have a brief about a past connected to you and a future on your hands

Then he pointed back with his hand and continued

Reflection of the image / At a time when the poplar and humans lived a united life, the poplar ruled all that was below water, and the humans ruled everything outside the water. We exchange mating. I forget a mermaid and a Houry Pansy was a life with security and peace until two queen of poplar and a ruler of mankind appeared each of them A greed to control the other world, and despite the development of technology in poplar and the development of weapons in humans, the greed of both people was the cause of death and destruction of many, many sexes

During the war that lasted for years, the queen of poplars gave birth to twenty males and a mermaid, the strongest of them was the youngest nymph of one of her sons because she was a union of a fairy and a forgetful one of the witches the queen loved her a lot and she preferred her over everyone, and this mermaid, despite her advanced age, did not appear until the age of twenty Her sisters divided and formed kingdoms that spread in the seas, oceans and rivers, and as humans began to fight between them, the poplar brother began to fight among them. Some of them support dealing with humans, and some of them are against dealing with humans, and some of them who like hunting and killing people, and to protect the queen now is the original poplar from the devastation caused by humans The kingdom has established an island in the depths of the ocean depths where human beings cannot reach it, and this island is distinguished as it is below a layer of earth layers below the ocean and separated from the water and formed around it from the lights of the volcano's fire that illuminate the island for a period of time and the reflection of light turns off and becomes dark like night for humans After a period of time and the many wars of her sisters and the death of many of the original poplar, the queen had to use her son’s wife, the human witch, to make a portal to the world of poplar in exchange for ruling For a witch and her husband (head) of Poplar Island, and for her knowledge that the witch does not want anything but judgment, even if she kills all the original species of poplar, she agreed, but she took with her the thorn of judgment that controls the winds, waves and marine creatures, and she did not forget to make a prophecy on the walls of this shorter with the specifications of Houry will be able to Fighting the witch and her husband and gathering the different Mamelukes under one banner and restoring power to her granddaughter's daughter, who will possess the sustenance of her father, mother and grandparents, then donate part of it to Hori of the prophecy without knowing that he is the desired

Chapter 25

After the queen and the original poplar passed to the world of poplar, the witch set up guards to prevent the queen from moving back to return or the transfer of any mermaid to her except for her. Queen's prophecy

The reflection of the image from the glass disappeared and the usually the image of the forest behind the glass and the pain in Ivan's head stopped

Evan / Rabbi, what are all these riddles? Who is the daughter of the witch that the queen loves? Houry will return to her the prophecy of the king, and she is the one who basically put half her power into it, so who is he and from which generation is he?

Evan turned to go out to the place where the last words appeared, the voice of the reflection of his image, but he found in front of the entrance to the room Asen stands

Evan / Asin's six aunt, imprisoned

Assin did not answer him, but she pointed to the ceiling of the room to see and find a sentence that had been carved into the ceiling

((Remember, O visitor, the time in the palace is faster than the time outside it, and time is repeated and repeated by the walls of the palace, so do not pay attention to everything that you see))

Evan lowered his eye to look at Asen, but he did not find it, so he ran out of the room and found the reception hall filled with the original poplar that wandered around and did not look at him, closed his eyes and remembered the carved sentence and faster towards the second corridor from the seventh room on the twelfth floor Evan swam up to the place.

In another place, in the corridor leading to the Holy Land, precisely inside the Asen detention facility, Serene stands in the form of her basic form with her eight feet trying to open the door to come out screaming

Siren / I will kill your daughter Asen. I will kill her and make Ivan drink of blood, and I will rule all kingdoms

While Asin was sitting with her hand behind her head, leaning against one of the walls of the detention, she smiled silently. Two days have passed since Ivan’s departure and Siren’s seizure with her, and there are still eight days left for the judge, the nephew of the nephew of the brother of Farwan and Asen’s father, and with him the magician Ibn Yraman and the father of Sirin, who was named on Her mother's name, that is, Serene is the current granddaughter of Yraman, who was keen to implement her deceased mother's wish to kill Miram and make Ragrid drink of blood, but a coincidence I heard a conversation between Farawan and Asin, and I learned that Asen put half her ability to Ivan, but she did not know that her witch grandmother put her powers equal The strength of the Queen Mother of the Poplar

Sirene / Why can't I move?

Asen / Because I Control Your Abilities

Siren / If he stops, or else I will kill you

Asen / You will not be able to pain try and fail

Siren / Let me go out or else I'll have my dad put you food for the shark

Asin laughed at him / If he could, he did a long time ago

Siren fell silent while she was boiling from inside and threatening them all. As for Asen, 

she headed back and closed her eyes, remembering how much the past was


On a sunken island hidden in the depth of the ocean, no human being can reach it, swimming among the ruins of its buildings, a group of sixteen-year-old mermaids laughing and racing in the pool, and in the midst of their merging, one of them pulls and moves away through the corridor ascending to the surface of the ocean near the island of the wise, following a young man sitting on the beach and drawing Something in the sand holding her dress, which was hidden inside her bag and wearing it, then approaching the beach and leaving some of her body in the water so that it does not dry out and turns into feet, then she sits upright on the beach

Asen / What do you paint now Prime?

Prime / And now the runaway princess has appeared. Aren't you afraid to teach the Queen as you told me and put you food to the shark?

Asin / Firstly, I am Princess Asin spoiled by the Queen. Second, the shark does not like to go blind, because I am a bitter one

Prime laughing / But I'm really afraid of you

Asen trying to change the subject / Do you remember the first time we met?

Prime has understood / yes, when I couldn't swim and saved me, I remember

Assin / Do not fear if I saved you, will I not be able to save myself?

Before Prime answered, a boy appeared in the water, forced to hide his face with an Asen body

Boy / aunt, come on, great-grandfather is looking for you

Asen / why does he always look for me or his grandfather head reckid answer?

Ragrad raised his hand with a smile / I don't know, but can you tell your boyfriend that I hope I know his features?

Asin / No, and let's go, come with you

Rakrid sank in water and Asin turned quickly and kissed Prime, then she swam back to the water while hearing his loud laugh behind her Asin returned to the sunken island to find everyone waiting for her in the grand palace hall around the stairwell and above the grandfather's head and grandmother his wife known as the human witch

Ras / Where have you been?

Asen / You were on a human beach, O King

He shouted behind her, Ramen: Didn't we tell you not to deal with humans or death?

Assin's father shouted: "You have no right to threaten my daughter," and return to your kingdom, Ramon

A head appeared between them and then he replied / If Rayban did not abide by the orders of the Leading King, then take your children and grandchildren and leave the island to the Kingdom of the Seven Seas

Rayban / Yes, I will do this, but I will not stop annexing and uniting kingdoms even if the kingdom of Raman remains and its time is my brother according to the law of the Queen Mother. If the king of the flooded island is the king who gathered under his hand all the kingdoms will be your choice to stay or leave

Rabyan took his twelve children with their children, and Asin was the eldest and returned to his kingdom, the Kingdom of the Seven Seas