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The Depths of the Atlantic chapter 18, 19


The Depths of the Atlantic

The Depths of the Atlantic

By Asmaa Nada

Chapter 18

My father succeeded in uniting his kingdom with three other kingdoms and formed a strong army to protect them, and my children Anwar and Ragrid were among the most prominent fighters in them. This union came after my father's agreement with the chief of the original poplar on the book of laws, in which they set provisions that were not present during their agreement with my father, and my father did not know about it. To the event that changed a lot of things and because Asin, the eldest daughter of the king, proposed to marry her 3 princes, including the current judge, who is the son of the great original nymph. The items that were added to the Bible, which are the killing of everyone who dared and loved a creature other than the poplar, to death by restricting it to the immortal sharks. Indeed, after wars between my parents and the poplar, my father was killed and I received the verdict. The original nymph tried to kidnap Asin and her husband and daughter and kill them. Anwar is fighting to protect it with the uncles, but we, as a fifth generation, are weaker than the original nymph, despite our possession of technology and weapons, but they possess supernatural powers of controlling aquatic creatures or moving waves through the magic fork She is the only weapon that makes you able to control everything in the sea and the winds, and given that Asen is the only one with mixed blood between the original nymph and the current nymph, and this is because her mother is of the original nymph, she is the only one who possesses one of these powers, but she alone is weak and I have no choice but to negotiate with them to protect her. Especially since some of my brothers had been captured by the poplar and those in solidarity with them, and for this I took a Ragrid and Anwar, and we headed to the holy land, which was called this after my father agreed with them. The important thing is who negotiated with the prince (the current judge) and after I found that our front has become weak and the strengths are to them I had to agree to their conditions, namely, that she returns to Asin, but she is detained in the corridor prison, and no one is exposed to her in exchange for no one being exposed to her daughter and her husband Al-Bushra. Secondly, she relinquishes the king to me, thirdly, that a physical exchange takes place between me and their magician and he becomes the king and no one knows about this except my wife, So that the Houry, bound on the walls of the Holy Island, appears and can cross the door of the hidden world, tear the book, bring the original thorn, and rule all the kingdoms and the original nymph. as well, and this will correspond to the return of Asin's daughter to the water and discover the fact that she is half human and bored You gave birth to the blood as you have the blood of your child

That is why Evan you have to bring Myaseen back to the mainland, as she is not yet mature

Chapter 19

Evan / What is the relationship of Myaseen?

Farwan / Myaseen is the daughter of Asen

Evan / And the one who lives with us all these years is not you, but the magician

Farawan / After midnight every night we return both to his body, and with the rising of the sun the power of substitution returns, and this magic will not be solved except with the appearance of Hour of Prophecy

I paused for a moment and then said / But I cannot return Meyasin to the island. Dad, I want her to be my wife, and if this judge does not know that she is Assin's daughter, what is the problem if I took her to the Holy Land and married her there in exchange for working with the judge? He told me this and I agreed with him. He entered me waiting for this well-known fairy, and it may not exist, and he is just a myth, and everyone should know about exchanging your bodies, you and the magician

Farwan / I did not promise you that I was before this, Evan. Anyone who knew this would kill your aunt. She is in their hands. She sacrificed her life and her presence with her daughter to protect the kingdom and protect you

Then you think the judge will really agree to marry humanity, as far as he knows, don't be a fool, he'll kill her in front of your eyes, and you won't be able to protect her.

Evan began to get angry and spin around his place. Farwan noticed that Evan seemed to change his shape and his body began to show many colors, these colors light up the place and then suddenly he stopped turning and said in a voice completely different from his voice

Evan / If it is war, I will not wait for this Houry

Then he left his father and returned quickly to the overnight palace. Upon entering, he saw Miram, Rakred, and Meyasin walking around heading to the cosmetic site to prepare for the ceremony. Evan rushed out and grabbed Maysin’s hand

Evan / Come on there is no party Come with us, Miram, now quickly

Ragrid/ What Happens

Evan / Come on with me and I will tell you everything, but bring lights first quickly, before the fake king returns.

Ragrid/ Fake King What do you mean

Anwar has attended and listened to Evan’s last sentence

Anwar / If your brother says it is not the right time, then we go and see. Come on, hurry up. See, I come back

They all moved and got out of the palace, but Serene had already seen them, so she moved slowly behind them, and after nearly an hour had passed, they all arrived at the island that Evan had set up specifically for his marriage to Maysin.

After they all went up through a corridor under the water to the heart of the island, where they found clothes prepared near the water, the men pulled the clothes and started wearing them, which is the phrase

From clothes made of the finest fabrics that you have not seen like Maysin, to isolate her island from the human world and dresses for women. After they moved away from the water for a while and the tail turned into his feet, and they went out far into the palace that Evan established. It is a palace built on more than an acre of land. The floor was made of glass Marmaris, which shows the sea below it, and its columns are decorated with gold and pearls

Evan / Come on girls, go see the place and I'll talk to my brothers

The girls moved away, and Evan came inside, then opened one of the doors and signaled for them to enter and closed them

Ragrid/ Now speak before you see my anger

Evan / Sit down, and I'll tell you everything

Indeed, after half an hour, Evan was cutting everything that took place between him and his father

If Asen is still alive and her brothers did not sell her

As was rumored in the Kingdom, and this clumsy is not my father. Yes, I suspected this, but I had no evidence in my hand. Did I not tell you lights

Anwar / And I was saying that you were crazy about Ragrid, damn my beautiful aunt until now in prison, and no one is trying to get her out. How is this my uncles

Ragrid/ They were prisoners and did not know anything. I think they thought, as we thought, that they were put into sharks. She, her daughter, and her husband. Wait, you said that the human Cinderella is her daughter.

Evan / Raked, let you call her this title, I'll kill you

Ragrid / idiot, you now have to search for this nymph who has the courage to break into the gate of the Horite world to tear the Bible and bring the thorn and with it a part of us to protect it and at the same time a part of us goes to free Asin from the hand of the judge

Anwar / How do we find this Houry?

Evan / We must read the prophecy and at least know who he is or what his characteristics are, and also Maysin must be protected

Arcred / If you must know that this fake king gave Sirin a permit today to kill Myaseen, and that is why Anwar and I are exchanging roles around her. What will we do now? How do we protect her and also implement what we said now?

Evan / Tna is tired now let's all go up into the closets here and tomorrow we think

Anwar/ go up you and he'll be back for my wife and kids tomorrow and bring them here

Ragrid/ Don't feel the fake king know something