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The Depths of the Atlantic chapter 6

The Depths of the Atlantic by Asmaa Nada

The Depths of the Atlantic

By Asmaa Nada

Chapter 6

After minutes of dialogue and discussions that took place between them all came the guards of the gate of the holy island and opened the way for them to pass inland They passed through a gate in the form of columns decorated with gold and the last stones are constructed in the shape of a rainbow and engraved with some inscriptions in the ancient Greek and hieroglyphic language that makes you.

 Bypassing through it you feel that you are entering the world of magic, this part submerged under the water that resembles a stone corridor of palaces constructed with the most luxurious engineering designs and the strange thing is that despite the passage of centuries on the sunken island and avoids even poplars from the common people living in it. About the palaces to appear like the shapes of migratory birds, and these scenes send the mind to wonder how humans used to live in these palaces and what the curse that came to this island until it sank completely like this? After about an hour, they reached the sunken part of the court, which is located at the entrance to many, many sculptures and incomplete columns, and water weeds grow at the bottom, consisting of a small garden created by the Creator without human intervention.

The guard pointed to the King of the Pacific and the rest to rise and chanted

 Guard / Here, my job is finished. You can go up to the land and guard Rasanus will meet you and take you to the courtroom

 They all headed, with the front of the king, the father of Horiah, and with him Evan, behind them Houria, Brak, Rakhwan, and Ragrid, and behind them, the guards assigned to the King of the Kingdom of the Seven Seas to guard and upon their exit to the mainland they all sat inside a stone path constructed in the form of waterfalls amid natural waterfalls emerging from the heart of the mountains with an innovative appearance Wonderful, and after half an hour their tails turned into human feet, and guards of both sexes were waiting for them. The nymphs wrapped around Princess Houria and gave her royal clothes. They also gave the men clothes of princes and kings, then they headed after they finished inside the corridor, the last of which overlooks the city of the most wonderful engineering designs for buildings that allow The ocean water between them is as if it were built on the water, not the island land

 There are sailboats with the logo of the lost island of Atlanta and luxurious chariots drawn by horses with a golden horn and wings. The king and his daughter rode together in a carriage, Evan, and Brak together and Rokrid with Rakhwan, the carriages took them on a tour inside the island and then to the palace to receive the guests. It was constructed by the words of Inside the ocean, where all its rooms overlook the ocean, with a wonderful green area in front of the palace

Each of them entered his room assigned to him, to lie Evan on a bed in the shape of a large pearl conch that accommodates two mermaids. The design of the room gives you the impression that you are in one of the sea caves in picturesque coral colors and it is only minutes and he missed sleeping from the exhaustion of travel and went to the world of dreams where a little girl is sitting on the same rock drawing the sea

 Four hours passed and Evan was still sleeping with his clothes that he had brought to the palace, he slowly opened his eyes in lazy yawns, and then he slapped himself (what, Evan, did you come here to relax or what?) Then he got up and opened the closet to find angelic and classic clothes, and there is a shelf for underwear and he whispered to himself (Do they do Distribute clothes to all the visitors) Pay attention to the sound of the knocking on the door, shouting

 Evan / I let you pass 

He opens the door slowly, Barak enters his head cautiously, then looks at him, saying

 Barak / Who are you here with?

 Evan / No one

 Braque / what !!! And when only you got a solo suite

 Evan / What do you mean ?

 Barak / me, my wife, and her father are together. As for Ragrid and Rakhwan also together, my wings are half of this man.

 Evan / This is weird !! I don't know but wait in time we will understand I used to think that the King's suite was bigger than this

 Barak / What is this also? I have never seen you in these clothes before

 Evan / Don't say you didn't find someone like him in your suite either

 Barak sarcastically / no, but I kept making my clothes organized. Houria and I arranged her father's clothes too

 Evan / It's also strange that they are all my body size

 The two noticed that someone entered the ward, but the sound of his steps revealed that she was a female, and after a few seconds, a sexy girl with a stark beauty with red hair reaching past her shoulders flowing softly entered the room. She wore a long golden dress embodied in her body with full sleeves and opened a chest studded on one side with pearls. She smiled and said in a soft voice that resembles a violin

 Girl / Evan, Finally we have it

 Evan / Siren How long has passed, oh I've grown up and become a wonderful nymph, my dear

 Barak / won't you know us, man?

 Evan smiling / Yes, yes, Sirin, the daughter of the King of the Red Sea and a student friend, and this is Barak, my best friend and successor to the King of the Pacific to his wife from Princess Houria, the King's daughter

 Sirene / Yes, I know this as I also know that it broke the laws of the Bible

 Evan / No, it didn't happen. She permitted him to agree

 Brak / Nice to meet you, I'm going now, Evan, my mermaid waiting to take her on a tour of the island before the court tomorrow.

 Evan / Tomorrow! why wait?

Siren / When the wheel comes, you too will be waiting for you below

 After they got out of the room, but the whole ward, Evan shouted, breaking everything that came with his hands

 Evan: Uh, king, you knew that here there was no need for a court and nothing. I just wanted to meet her, and you know that I will not give up on temptation and drawing plans to inflict me. Damn you and damn her. My heart loves nothing but my little girl no matter what I try, O king

 Evan went and opened his bags and took from them what he needed, declaring his rejection of Serene's gifts after he understood what his father and Sirene's father had planned, and after he prepared, he went down from his suite to the reception area and found both Braque and his wife, Rakhwan and Ragrid, sitting together as for the King of the Pacific and Serene setting. Far from them talking, he saluted the king, smiled, and greeted everyone, then he said

 Evan / I wish you a good outing, as I have an appointment with the palace library

 And without waiting for any of them to respond, he had already gone to the palace library, which was like his savior when he found it on the identification map hanging inside the elevator.

 After his departure, Rakrid smiled to Siren, raising his hand, and said

Rakrid / You told the King of Kings and your father that this will happen

 Serene / Yes, I know, but I'm Siren, and when I want something, I'll strive to happen

 Braque / Now I see. Sorry girl, Evan's heart is reserved

 Barak took his wife, after her father’s permission, and went to go for a walk and see the island with some guards. As for Ragrid, he moved towards the library to speak with Evan. Leaving Rakhwan with Sirin and the king

 Barak took his wife after her father’s permission and went to go for a walk and see the island with some guards. As for Ragrad, he moved to the library to speak with Evan. Leaving Rakhwan with Sirin and the king

 Ragrid entered the palace library, which was designed with the most beautiful decorations and Anwar colors and in the form of two columns opposite each column was designed to contain bookshelves on four sides of the column. Each ladder column rises according to the desired shelf, and when you stand at the end of the ladder height, you can touch with your hand the bars of the second floor of the library, which is designed on the same design as the first floor

 Ragrid entered, whistling and looking in all directions, then shouting

 Ragrid / Now how to reach those who occupied my heart