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The Depths of the Atlantic chapter 5


The Depths of the Atlantic by Asmaa Nada

The Depths of the Atlantic

By Asmaa Nada


 Evan got up angrily, got out of the hall, but from the palace, went to the residence palace, entered his room and closed it, then extended his body on the bed, which was in the form of a large, emptied shell of water that he made especially for him and his girlfriend to live in, this bed connected to his tube emptied of water contains regular oxygen Concerning what a person needs to breathe, with carts on iron bars that are used to move between them and the island that Barak participated in building, he waited for a while and then used the tube and at the middle of the tube split two roads, took the right way and left it in front of the glass of her room and found her still awake and looking from the glass looking for something When she saw him, she smiled and approached the glass, and he pointed to her to go up to the beach. She put the shawl on her shoulder and went up to find him sitting on the beach near the hut with his body removed from the water. She approached him and said.

 Myaseen / Where did you go ? and why were you late? The sun is almost shining?

Evan / I will explain everything to you, but not today to return before sunrise. I just came to tell you that I cannot come to you for a month from now.

 Myaseen / Why?

 Evan / I am going to court because I broke one of the kingdom's laws with the help of two people of my age to marry and reside on the land and not in the kingdom

 Mayaseen / Is it a crime for your sexes to go out to Earth?

 Evan / Not a crime, but a violation of the laws that ancestors built to protect against the human race

 Myassin / But we're not that dangerous

 Evan smiling / You, your family and the people of the island are not dangerous, but the rest of the people are not like you, I promise I will show you and teach you everything and now I have to leave on a promise.

 Myaseen smiled and waited, but did not say, "What is your name?"

 Evan / My name is Evan and you are Myaseen

 Then he sank into the ocean and disappeared, leaving a heart beating in his name without knowing it. He returned from the same place he came from. He extended his body on the bed happily, placing an arm behind his head, and what are only moments, the tail dried up and turned into two feet for lack of water and tried to close his eyes to sleep, but heard a voice on The glass surrounding the bed looked and it was his father who was beating the tips of the tail and then signaled for him to get out. Evan jumped into a pool next to the bed with a passage from under the water that took him out into the water in the same room

 King / Did I not warn you not to go out?

 Evan / Dad, you're in my room, right?

 The king smiling / And this corridor behind the bed do you think I do not know anything about it.

 Evan passes his handpicking his hair, smiling awkwardly, then adding up

 Evan / I could not travel to the Holy Island without telling she, Dad you know I will be absent for a month on this travel and worried that she will forget me

 King / How can she forget you when she does not know you exist, Evan

 Evan avoids looking into his father's eyes

 Evan / You know, I saw a drawing from her on me, And I went out to the beach and talked to her

 The king angrily tries to hide / What else?

 Evan / I went to her house and saw her father, but I was in human form

 King / Hmm, didn't the Harith come and tell you about the attack in front of them?

 Evan and he forgot this / Damn it happened, but he also looked human and whispered to me what happened and her father did not hear.

King / She did not hear?

 Evan trying to escape from the answer / Dad, I haven't slept yet, and I have a two-hour flight, please

 The king had realized that Evan had evaded and did not want to make him angry before the court. So he went on to go out

 King / Well, sleep now, and we have a conversation on your return, but open this door for me

 After Evan opened the door and the king left the room and Evan closed behind him, Evan remembered that he was locking the room, so how did his father enter it

 Evan, does it make sense that he got into the room from the corridor!

 Evan went to bed, closed his eyes, and fell asleep for two hours, after which the preparation began to travel with Barak, heading to the lost island in the heart of the ocean that their ancestors called (the holy island) and humans called it (Atlantis)

 distance. 16 hours have passed since the journey began Evan , Brak, and Ragrad arrived at the entrance to the Holy Island, and Prince Rakhwan was standing there waiting to be allowed to pass

Evan / Rakhwan does not believe that the court will stop punishing me for infringing on my authority over us

 Rakhwan / I did not attack you, Evan who did, and they got married outside the borders of the seas without going back to the laws

 Evan / Whoever said this, I am the one who permitted him to marry on the righteous, under the terms of the laws of the Bible, you forgot I became the protector of the Bible

 Rakhwan / Shouldn't you announce this statement in the Supreme Council before their marriage

 Evan / No, you are not obligated to do so, but you are obligated to ask before deciding to take any position

 Everyone turned to the sound of Horrea , who had arrived with her father

 Horrea / There is something that Evan should know before she hears it in court

 Barak / What are you doing here? You are not demanding the court, my dear

 Evan / shut up, let she speak, I want to hear 

 Nymph's father (the King of the Pacific) / No, not here, Evan will know everything in court

 Evan / I fully respect your decision, King

 Time passed between normal discussions and Barak's attempts to play with the feelings of a mermaid who was making anger with him, and of course, he did not let Rarkred the opportunity to offend human beings and try to distance Evan's thinking from his girlfriend 

Myassin, who was called the human Cinderella