The Depths of the Atlantic

القائمة الرئيسية


The Depths of the Atlantic

The Depths of the Atlantic by Asmaa Nada

 The Depths of the Atlantic

By Asmaa Nada


A journey between fantasy and reality about the love story of the prince of the sea and a human girl and the story of the prince challenging the king to save his girl friend

An introduction

Life dominates stories to refine human imagination and creates dreams to turn stories into legends for generations and generations and waste the original story between reality and imagination. We always hear about the mermaid and love a man, But what do we know about the mermaid, and can he also be challenged to be the king of the sea ?

                  The crown of the king

                             Novel By

                          Asmaa    Nada

Chapter 1

 In the heart of the ocean lies an island of a magical nature, which still preserves the virginity of its beauty and the purity of its air, the green color is still dominant over the rest of the colors, you can see the clear sky while you are lying on the alabaster sand dyed with the


glow of emeralds on the island’s beach during the day or the reflection of the golden color of the sun on The ocean water or this fish dancing through it and the clear water to the extent that you see the sand below it near the shore and the trees that


define the beach that resemble a mother who extends her arms to embrace her children, but at night the moonlight and stars


reflect on the water and make it a thin silver like a scattered pearl and despite the darkness it feels as if The light reflected from the moon on the water as lights bounce back to the bottom in order to help the luminous fish send their light with the sea waves that caress the sands of the beach as sweet music to


illuminate the entire beach, And there is this grassy path between the trees, a paved pathway as if it was specially furnished to receive the kings, to pass between two rows of trees


whose leaves are joined to make a cover that allows only some sunlight to pass through to draw a magical light for whoever


passes through it and there are many huts that surround the island as if they float, for example, ships linking to the beach Through wooden


corridors installed, the first on the island and the last in the hut, the islanders call them floating houses, and the hut consists of three floors, "two above the


water and one floor below the water that resembles a glass crystal through which you can see the fish as they play and race in their attractive bright


colors."Which is characterized by its people in short summer clothes with colorful rose


drawings in bright colors (for women), but the men used to wear shorts of cloth up to the knee and tied in the form of a net made of different types of tree fibers, as for the winter it is very cold to show the tiles fur from the bear’s fur and shoes


Leather for women and men roses and when you delve into the island you find it is carefully divided into several parts, there is a part dedicated to wild


animals and it is forbidden to hunt with them except at specific times of the year and on the opposite side you find a place designated for sale and


purchase, and you find something that saves you from the world, while the heart of the island is a small lake next to it is a ruler's hut The tribe and his wife. In one of the floating huts was Yahya Hakim Al-Jazirah, whose wife died while giving


birth to their beautiful brown daughter, as the island’s residents call her. She is distinguished by charming


beauty despite her skin’s tender and goodness, and despite her young age, she is very popular among the island’s families until they called her the beautiful brown (Myassin) From a young age she was accustomed to wandering among the inhabitants of the island helping everyone and at the end of the day with the time of the


afternoon she used to take some leaves and colors and sit on a rock near the water to draw the nature and the waves that embrace the sand of the beach as if she was dancing with her to the melodies of the rest of the waves crashing into the rocks and at sunset She walks barefoot to caress the sand her toes as she laughs and sings to the fleeting sunlight, oblivious to the eye that watches her every


movement, From the age of eight to the age of fifteen, hiding behind the rock in the ocean, he watches her closely and contemplates her with a lover's heart. Time passes by carefully following his beloved, who is not aware of his existence, and after she disappears inside the hut, he sinks and returns to his kingdom in the depths of the ocean. He is the youngest of the princes,


distinguished by wisdom in thinking On the authority of his ten brothers, Sabour is interested in the affairs of his kingdom's juniors. His father the king participated in all negotiations to unify the kingdoms of the seas into one kingdom, but he refuses to rule despite his entitlement to rule in the kingdom not by age, but with courage and feet within the battles and wisdom in dealing


with enemies and caring for the affairs of the parish, their small before the oldest, This is what he used to do, but he refused to be the king’s successor despite his brothers ’attempt to persuade him or his father’s quiet discussion at some times and sharp at other times. The


Romans now have red and pink coral in its streets in different forms Glory be to the Creator adding beauty as if it were a painting engraved in the depths of the ocean in which different types of nymphs are greeted peacefully far from human interference, preserving the beauty of aquatic nature and you also find some ancient Egyptian antiquities that indicated that this island The shipwreck had different nationalities before the drowning.

Before his departure to the palace of government, he stopped talking to a friend who knew about his forgotten girlfriend

friend: ~ Did you talk to her or are you still watching from afar?

 Before he answered him, his older brother Anwar appeared, hurrying towards him, with signs of anger on his face

 Anwar: King Evan's spoiled has finally appeared

 Evan looks at him and smiles and does not speak. Rather spoils his tail fin, turns around proudly, then whispers.

 Evan: Yes, I spoiled the king, what is wrong with you? Is Anwar jealous of me?

 Anwar turns to him, puts his hand on Evan's shoulder, and says

 Anwar: My dear , when I am jealous of you with anything that excels you? Come on, come to the palace of judgment! The king is angry and asks about you

 Evan intently:why is he angry?

 Anwar: When you go, you will know that , He is waiting for you.

Evan turned to his friend and referred to him saying goodbye, then he and his brother set out on their way to the palace


located on the outskirts of the sunken island, which is a building from the outside that shows the greatness of the designs of the pharaohs


combined with the beauty of the Roman designs .As for the inside, the ceiling is decorated with gold and decorated with a drawing that forms spaces that appear like a sky with stars



that shine with their Anower.